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Friday Finery & Frivolities: Rethinking and Refocusing

Thursday almost killed me, thank Buddha it’s Friday!

Not only was this week super busy but it’s been a total rain fest in Burlington with only brief moments of sunshine. This week I shared my secrets on how I get D to eat my favorite super food. I beat the rainy day blues by bringing inspiration to life in what turned out to be my favorite post to date. I avoided dragging my new skirt by making it high-waisted, I got my shop on for a great local cause and dressed up like a nautical milkmaid. I told you it was a busy week!

I’ve been wrestling with the idea of changing up my Friday Blogging Finery & Fashion Friviolities post. I’m not really loving the format and it’s not really accomplishing what I wanted it too. It feels too cluttered and unfocused. So while I rethink and ponder my options for filling my Friday posting slot I’ve decided to feature a Look of the Week. I tell you who’s wearing it and why I’m loving it .

Wore Out’s Look of the Week for May 20thErin of Work with What You’ve Got!

Erin has a fearless style that she carries (and pulls off) with effortless grace. Her blog is constantly providing me with inspiration and new perspective. When I saw this post I knew I had to share it with!

I’m loving the print of this shirt and how she created a western inspired outfit that wasn’t hokey or kitschy (not that either of those are bad things.) Her on trend neutral wedges go perfectly with the tones in her shirt and her fringe bag (which I am epically jealous of) is the icing on top of this wonderfully western look!

A close up of the ah-mazing print

Be sure to stop by Work with What You’ve Got and check out all of Erin’s ensembles, I promise you wont be disappointed!

Do you love Erin’s pony printed top as much as I do? What would you like to see me post about on Friday’s?

Friday Finery & Frivolities

Whew! The weekend is almost here! This week I got back into the swing of things after being on vacation last week. I shared snaps from Elfreth’s Alley and Central Park’s iconic Bethesda Fountain, Mother Nature inspired a day and evening look, and I watched the river rush by as many of Vermont’s lakes and rivers entered record high flood-stages.

With the Royal Wedding (and it’s fashion glory) reaching a fever pitch and the Kentucky Derby quickly approaching it seems that hats are a must have accessory for spring.  Fedoras, 70’s style floppy brim, turbans, head wraps and fascinators are just a few of the hats turning heads this season.

Fashion Frivolities – 4/29/2011

Fascinators, usually worn to formal events or with formal attireLeft: Turquoise Fascinator – Right: Sinamay Fascinator

Even though I didn’t make the guest list to the wedding of the year decade I would still love to own either of these hats! Fascinators are making a comeback thanks to the new Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) and other high profile celebrities. Either of these hats would be the perfect statement piece for an fun summer evening party or for the Royal Ascot perhaps!

Off to the RacesLeft: Palm Horse Kentucky Derby Hat Right: Vintage Ladies Spring Hat

No Kentucky Derby outfit is complete without large, well adorned hat! Think of these as fascinators but on a much larger scale. Whether you’re choosing a hat for the actual derby or derby viewing party remember that size matters! You want your hat to fit snugly (so it wont get taken away by the wind) but loose enough that it wont give you a headache. The only thing worse than hat hair is a hat headache!

Spring & Summer’s Top ToppersClockwise from Bottom Left: Basketweave Floppy Hat, Bold Stripe Floppy Hat, Vintage Flapper Hat, Upturn Brim Fedora, Interlinked Floral Head Wrap, & Bleached Peacock Feather Headband

These spring/summer toppers keep your sunny day style cool and chic. Last year was all about the fedora but this year the style is all about wider brim looks. Wide brim fedoras from Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 make great additions to more casual outfits while turbans and head wraps can take a look from day to night in a snap. While my love of hats is still new I’m excited that my options for keeping the sun out of my eyes and off my Casper white skin face are so chic!

Not sure if hats are your thing? Can’t seem to find the perfect hat? Well then this week’s blogging finery has exactly what you need! Create and customize your own fascinator or derby day hat with these easy to follow DIYs!

Blogging Finery – 4/29/2011

Craftbits.com has an ah-mazing DIY for a boutique worthy fascinator made out of a Pringle’s container! With step by step pictures and instructions this DIY couldn’t be easier. If only I’d found it before Will & Kate’s big day! With user ratings and creative ideas for everything from sock monkeys to a bra purse, this website is sure to become your first stop for DIY projects!

Prudent & Practical has become one of my favorite resources for everything from new recipes to home repair. Their Beginners Guide to Making a Kentucky Derby Hat is super easy to follow, and you’ll be thrilled with the end results. The hat featured in this post looked so chic but ended up costing less than $10!

Are you going to buy of DIY your Kentucky Derby hat this year? What head wear are you planning on mixing into your spring & summer wardrobe?

Friday Finery & Frivolities: Face Hunter Edition

A huge thank you to all those who left inspiring, encouraging and downright sweet comments in response to my post yesterday about struggling with self doubt.

This week I caught you all up on my weekend adventures and outfits in Stumpin Around. I showed off my Lolita inspired look in Heart for Eyes, shared my self doubts (and smokin hot peep toe booties) in a Pippy Longstocking inspired post and shared my frustrations with Burlington’s less than spring like weather with  Rain is the new Snow.

Yesterday I wrote about how I was worried that I was slipping into a fashion slump because I’d been feeling uninspired and just pretty blah. Well my fashion outlook changed this morning when I came across an amazing photograph from Face Hunter; this week’s Blogging Finery – 4/15/2011!

“Eye Candy for the Style Hungry” – Face Hunter

Face Hunter is blog dedicated to finding and capturing stunning street style looks from all over the world. Yvan Rodic is the man behind the lens and the Face Hunter. Rodic’s been snapping pictures of drool-worthy street style since 2006 and is credited with catapulting the street style blogging movement into the mainstream spotlight.  His reputation for beautiful photography combined with an impeccable eye for fashion has landed him work with fashion powerhouses like Vouge Italy, GQ, and The SundanceFilm Channel’s Full Frontal Fashion magazine.  Today no fashion week is complete without Rodic’s presence. Appearing on Face Hunter not only is a personal dream but a sure sign that you’re style is killin it.

The above photograph was snapped in New York and featured on Face Hunter this morning. The second I saw it a fresh breeze swept in and pulled me out of my fashion rut. I love everything about this outfit. The mix of floral and animal prints works/clashes perfectly with the bright red belt and electric blue blazer. The accessories she choose are pretty stunning as well. If you’re like me and can’t wait to recreate this look you’re in luck!

Fashion Frivolities – 4/15/2011

Clockwise From Left to Right:
Moto Jacket
Slim Red Belt
Red Straw Clutch
Turquoise Ring
Clockwise from Left to Right

Would you mix floral and animal prints? What inspires your outfits?


Please Excuse the Interruption…

I’m so happy it’s Friday I may shed a tear of joy!

This week I pushed myself out of my fashion comfort zone wearing shorts not once but twice! I rocked hand dyed high waisted shorts in Cutoffs by Carolyn and made the best out of a rainy day by Playing in the Park in my DIY jean shorts. I got in touch with my inner barbarian in A Capital One Commercial and jazzed up jeans and a tee In The Trenches.

This weekend D and I are heading to Maine for my cousin’s wedding reception! My cousin and his beautiful new wife had a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic and a lot of the family couldn’t make it so they’re having a party stateside to celebrate with everyone who wasn’t able to attend the actual ceremony. The weather looks like it’s going to be beautiful and the venue is right on the water! It’s the perfect excuse to get out of Burlington for a bit and enjoy some time with my family.

Poor D, he really had no idea how much I could pack for one weekend away…

one potential reception outfit (it’s a super casual event)

my mom & I are getting mani/pedi’s Sat morning which is perfect since I’ve been dieing to wear these peep toe booties!

So please excuse the interruption, Friday Blogging Finery & Fashion Frivolities will be back next week at its regularly scheduled time and I’ll be back on Monday bright eyed and bushy tailed with lots of pictures from the big event to share with you all!

What are your weekend plans? How do you pack for weekend trips? Are you an over packer like me?



Friday Finery & Frivolities

What a wacky week!

I had a high school field hockey flash back in Bench Warmer, I posed a tough question in Does This Vest Make my Ass Look Like a Yeti, and then went wild and posted a double feature of Birthday Food & Fashion!

Is it just more or do the weeks keep flying by faster and faster?! At this rate summer will be here in a blink of an eye (I hope)! Inspired by spring’s impending approach…

Fashion Frivolities 4/1/20111. Aqua One-Sleeved Peacock Dress

2. Bolivar Wedge (Lela Rose for Payless)

3. Some Bunny Loves Me Gold Ring

4. Lucky Brand Handbag, On the Go Embossed Leather Tote

5. Mcginn ‘Claudia’ Polka Dot Blouse

6. Fancy Chains Basketweave Hat

7. AWOLNATION – Megalithic Symphony

8. camilla and marc – Voyage High Waisted Shorts

9. Under The Sea Bracelet – Downtown Threads

This week’s Blogging Finery features four lovely lady bloggers whose looks I can’t wait to copy come spring!

Blogging Finery* 4/1/2011

I found Breakfast at Fayme’s through IFB and I was immediately drawn to its European and Caribbean style. If you ever wake up in the morning and think “what would I wear if I lived a fashionable European life?” then this blog is a must read! See how to style brights in Yellow and Pink or rock sunny stripes Yellow Stripes.

Karla’s Closet is FULL of envy worthy pieces including amazing vintage dresses and drool worthy heels. Karla (and her wardrobe) are always impossibly fresh. I almost died of jealousy when I saw this amazing vintage pink dress in Dressed Like A Girl and the pleated skirt in Shaded Streets is just begging to be twirled!

If you thought Canada was a cold and isolated place then you’re obviously never stopped by A Fashion Love Affair. You can always count on Cara to have the hottest trend on lock. This Canadian lovely adds her own spin to cutoffs in Bubbly (an look I can not wait to copy!) and pulls out all the stops in a jaw-dropping vintage sparkler in Old Hollywood.

Color blocking is one of this season’s hottest trends and Laura from On the Racks makes it look effortless in Taste the Rainbow. I am in love with how the muted tan of the fur coat pops against the bright blue and pink, vintage updated. Another spring trend that I can’t wait to embrace is trenches and Laura’s “frumpy steez” look in Are We There Yet is one I’ll be copying for sure.

what are you looking forward too this spring? what blogs inspired you this week?


*want to be featured in blogging finery? Send me an email with your name and link to your blog woreoutvt@gmail.com*

Friday Finery & Frivolities

Whew! TGIF all, we made it to Friday!

This week has been especially long and taxing! Work has been round the clock and even though I’ve been burning the candle at both ends I feel like my to-do list is still outrageously long. I am beyond wiped out…humph!

All the stress of the work week aside Burlington is enjoying amazing sunny spring weather and that is definitely something to celebrate! Speaking of celebrating… D and I found an apartment! Fingers crossed we’ll have the lease signed by this time next week! Boy, there is a lot to celebrate this Friday at Wore Out! Sunny weather, a new apartment, and… a new weekly feature;

Friday Finery & Frivolities!

Every Friday I’ll share some of my favorite blogs with you in Blogging Finery and I’ll give you a glimpse at my ever changing fashion and style favorites in Fashion Frivolities!

Fashion Frivolities for 3/18/2011

From left to right, top to bottom:

Buddah Peace Bank I can already see it on my desk in the new apartment!

Brehan Silk Paperbag Shorts in Charcoal I think paperbag shorts are going to be my “out of my comfort zone” spring purchase… these are too cute to pass up!

ALDO Willman Bag (available this spring… I’ve been waiting for months!)

Jeffrey Campbell Green Leather Lace-up Bootie Yes… I am obsessed with these.

Free People Dagger Ear Cuff I’ve been looking for a sexy ear cuff and this one certainly fits the bill (and at this price it’s a no brainier right?!)

Kicking off Wore Out’s first Blogging Finery:

The Charm of Contentment is an amazing post about being content and I couldn’t have found it at a more perfect time! Live the Charmed Life is such an amazing resource I love this blog for a daily does of wonderful!

Today’s post over at MinnChic, about the 5 hardest blogging lessons to learn really spoke to me. I am so inspired by Rebecca’s style and her candid posts. This rookie blogger could learn a lot from a lady like this (I’m taking notes!)

Need some inspiration for sprucing up your spring style? Then you have to check out The IT List over at Rose a La mode!* PS: how hot is Dakota Fanning? I wish I had her fashion sense (and budget) when I was in high school! warning: you may want to hide your wallet before heading over to this amazing blog full of shopping temptation*

If you’re looking for killer fashion with a sense of humor to match look no further than Mid Week Crisis. I LOVE the Coat Check Fashion Police features, they’re a must read!

Happy Spring all! What are you up to this weekend?