Cheers to 24 Years; Food!

Yesterday was my birthday and to celebrate D took me out for dinner and drinks, the perfect excuse to get dolled up! (See what I wore out here)

D and I both have to be up early during the work week so it was a treat to cut loose on a Wednesday night. We decided to embrace the sunny spring weather and kicked off the celebrations with mojitos at Drink, a great bar/lounge in downtown Burlington. Every Wednesday at Drink all of their delish mojiots are only $4! Their coconut mojitos are SO good, the perfect drink for celebrating a sunny day or a birthday.

My delish coconut mojito and D’s equally tasty mandarin mojito

After we finished our mojitos D and I headed to Duino Duende for dinner. Duino Duende is an extension of the Radio Bean a bar downtown known for their signature cocktails and colorful patrons. Every Wednesday night Duino offers a traditional Ethiopian menu that is amazing. Duino’s atmosphere is as much of a draw as their food.

What you can expect when you go: Ah-mazing cocktails and perfect portions of wonderfully prepared street food  from all over the world, at insanely reasonable prices. The dishes, silverware, and cups are all mismatched (which I love) and the people watching is second to none!

My favorite drink at Duino, the $5 shake and D’s white Russian

The $5 shake is a mix of stout, espresso and maple syrup (the perfect Burlington drink!) D and I started with Sambusas from the Ethopian menu and Cha Siu Bao from Duino’s regular menu (which D and I agreed was the highlight of the meal.)

D decided to go with Duino’s fish & chips for dinner which came with homemade spicy slaw and fries with banana ketchup (that was weirdly good) for dipping!

My idea of a perfectly decedent birthday dinner is the same dish that got D and I hooked from our first visit;  Chicken & Waffles! Trust me once you have a bite of fluffy Belgian waffle, smoothered in honey butter, with crispy (and local) fried chicken you’ll understand why this dish is second to none.

My chicken & waffles and D’s fish n chips

While this was one of my more low key birthday celebrations it was everything I could have asked for and so much more! I am one lucky gal!

What’s your idea of the perfect birthday meal? How did you celebrate your last birthday?

2 responses to “Cheers to 24 Years; Food!

  1. happy birthday! today is my boyfriends 🙂

    ❤ steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

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