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Catching up with Corey of Call Me Brazen Vintage

Cat-eye Sunglasses: Goodwill, 60s Mod Floral Dress: The Clothing Line, Cobalt Blue Ocean Belt: The Vintage Getup, Mustard Heels: TargetI was lucky enough to spend some time talking vintage, thrifting, and career path shifts with Corey of Call Me Brazen Vintage last week. It’s always wonderful to connect with people who are tirelessly pursuing their passion and Corey definitely falls into that category. Her passion for vintage can be seen in her personal style as well as in her wonderfully curated etsy shop, Call Me Brazen Vintage.

I was able to talk Corey into posing for  few photos at Perkins Pier and the blue hues in her mod dress and belt were perfect against the bustling Burlington waterfront. It wasn’t until Corey sent me her outfit details that I realized the belt and dress weren’t originally a set. The colors and print of the dress and belt work so well together it seemed like they would have been a pair from the start and both are accented beautifully by Corey’s mustard yellow heels.

While the sassy blue frock Corey is wearing above is from her personal collection, Call Me Brazen is stocked with everything from vintage clutches to printed wrap dresses, and one particular pair of high waisted baby blue pants that I’ve been debating buying for weeks. Make sure to check out everything that Call Me Brazen has to offer and keep checking back as Corey is constantly updating her wares.

What inspiring connections have you made lately? 

When Animal Prints Collide

 Scarf & Jeans: Battery Street Jeans, Sunglasses: Downtown Threads, Blouse: LL Bean, Belt: Goodwill, Heels: Target, Camel Watch: Flea Market, Jag Ring: GILTIt doesn’t get much more classic than jeans and a white tee. To add a bit of personality to this understated look I opted for snakeskin heels and a leopard print scarf worn in faux turban fashion. Since both of the animal print accessories were on the subtle side (as subtle as animal prints can be) I wasn’t worried about mixing them, especially when they were going to be worn so far apart from each other.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I tried these jeans on at Battery Street Jeans, not only did they fit me but the length is perfect for everything from flats to heels and they were only $10! Don’t you love when that happens?!

What prints have you been mixing into your spring wardrobe? Have you had any major thrift/consignment store finds recently?

May Flowers & Showers

Scarf: Gift from the lovely Lyndsey of Chicesque, Trench: Forever 21, Striped Blouse: Talbots (via Goodwill),  Lace Pants: Urban Outfitters, Thrifted Necklace, Bracelets: Florence, Italy, Heels: Target,  Jaguar Ring: GILTThe more I wear them the more I love these high waisted lace pants from Urban. Paired with my new favorite blouse and snakeskin heels I was mixing not only textures but patterns. I’ve been stepping outside my fashion comfort zone a lot more recently and not only has it been fun but in a way it’s been freeing. Shaking it up and taking some risks with your wardrobe choices is a great way to keep your style fresh and fun.

James from Downtown Threads* snapped these photos for me and managed to capture a few shots of the tree blossoms being carried by the wind. Not only was it beautiful but the blooms smelled amazing. Just another one of beautiful signs of spring that have been popping up all over Burlington.

What signs of spring have you been seeing? When was the last time you stepped outside your fashion comfort zone?

*Speaking of Downtown Threads, I’m guest posting on their website today about mixing florals into your wardrobe!

Flora, Fauna, & Stripes

Sunglasses: Dollar Store, Jacket: Forever 21, Floral Print Scarf: H&M, Striped Sweater: Gifted, Polo: Ralph Lauren Outlet, Jeans: Target, Blowfish Boots, Cameo Watch: Dub’s Duds, Ring: GiftedMy stripe kick continues. I thought the motorcycle jacket and grey boots were the perfect contrast to the sunny yellow striped top and floral scarf. The cameo watch was a gift (thanks Dubs) and the kidney bean shaped opal ring found it’s way to me via a friend’s mom who had QVC/HSN on speed dial. I love hand me downs, they come with so much personality.

What pieces in your collection have the most personality?

John Lennon’s Ginger Cousin Rides a Bike

Scarf (worn in hair): UO, Sunnies: Downtown Threads, Sweater: Gifted, Tank: Charlotte Russe, Bag: TJ Maxx, Jeans: Pac Sun, Beaded Wrap: Mom Camel Watch: Flea Market in Maine, Leather Bracelet: Goodwill, Firestone 500: Barge Canal Market, Sandals: PaylessIs it just me or do I look like a pastel wearing, ginger version of John Lennon in aviators? Not that that’s a bad thing. This weekend D and I were both crazy busy but we made sure to carve out a few hours to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather. Sunday afternoon we took our bikes out for a quick cruise around the neighborhood before enjoying  a delicious dinner on the porch.

I kept my outfit colorful, casual, and breezy. The white and yellow striped sweater was a gift from my roommate Cindy, it’s perfectly threadbare and looks amazing as a cover-up over bathing suits. As the weather warms up I instinctively start mixing more color into my looks, with accessories and pieces like these coral pants (which have turned out to be the perfect addition to spring wardrobe!) My swallow print bag was a splurge about 5 years ago at TJ Maxx and it’s still one of my favorite summer carry-alls.

What new spring pieces are you mixing into your wardrobe?

Sunny Bunny Pleats

Hat: Dirt Chic, Sunglasses: Dollar Store, Scarf: April Cornell Sample Sale, Cropped Jean Jacket: T.J Maxx, Sweater: Bass, Belt: Battery Street Jeans, Skirt: Kohls, Bag: Urban Outfitters, Tights: Sox Market, Frye Boots: Gifted,  Bajangles: Dollar Store, Gifted, & Charlotte RusseI spent Easter Sunday with D and his family, enjoying the beautiful spring weather and eating way too many Cadbury mini eggs; it was perfect.

For a day of family fun and Easter candies I choose a casual look but keep the color palette fresh and springy. The feminine feel from the cashmere sweater, pale pink skirt, and gold belt is balanced out with a more prairie/southwestern vibe from the bucket bag, boots and vintage hat.

This jumble of aesthetics fits me perfectly and I couldn’t think of a better way to top off this look than with the bunny scarf that I found at an April Cornell sample sale almost two years ago.

How did you celebrate this weekend?

“Hey. That mullet’s pretty.”

Two things about this photo; 1) I wear a 8.5 shoe, in real life my feet don’t look this large, just in this photo apparently. 2) Eating half a bag of Cadbury mini eggs in leiu of breakfast will give you a visible food baby.Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe, Cardigan: Old Navy, Mullet Dress: Pac Sun Hat: Christmas Tree Shop, Moccasins: Lands’ End (last seen here & hereTote Bag (made of recycled rice bags): Peace & Justice StoreThis is what I wore for an afternoon barbecue at the beach with D (who’s thoughts on my outfit are quoted in the title) a few of our friends, and Lucy Dog. D and I made two different types of kabobs; a veggie kabob (with sweet onions and whole mini bell peppers) and pineapple and kielbasa kabobs. Both were delicious and eating them on a blanket at the beach made them that much better.

This ruffle mullet dress is proof that the sunny weather is getting to me. I never wear this much color and I definitely don’t make a habit of mixing “young” floral prints and stripes, but it’s working. And if there’s one thing I’ve learn it’s that when it’s working you don’t ask questions, you just go with it.

What’s been working for you lately? How have you been taking advantage of the spring weather?