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just a wee bit campy

Dollar Store Sunglasses, Blazer: Goodwill (boys), Tank: Charlotte Russe, Jeans: Pac Sun, Locket: Downtown Threads, Pumps: Steve MaddenThis is one of my louder looks. To tone down the bold print and bright pumps I kept my makeup, hair, and jewelry minimal. For some reason the combination of cropped leopard print pants and cobalt blue velvet pumps makes me think of busty, Capri smoking blondes with puffy lips; and while I’m all for campy my aesthetic tends to lean more toward conservatively campy.

These pants were one of my more outlandish summer purchases but I’m already thinking of ways to wear them into the fall, specifically with oxfords and a crisp button down.

What campy pieces are hanging in your closet?

a HUGE thank you to my friend Nicole for taking these pictures while my tripod was under the weather. you’re the best girl!

Elbow Patches & Tweed

Maybe it’s all the early grey I’ve been drinking but I can’t help but feel a bit British in my tweed shorts and knit turtleneck with elbow patches. I’ve always been fascinated with traditional English countryside/hunting attire; something about stuffy tweeds, plaids, Hunter boots and Barbour jackets just speak to me.

I love the history and tradition behind the garments and how they have transitioned from somewhat snobby, upper class garb to trendy, available fashion forward pieces. As spring creep closer I’ll be keeping an eye out for countryside inspired pieces to keep the chill away and the poshness close.

Check out my countryside inspired board on Pinterest for more!

What fashions/styles are you drawn to for Spring?

Black and Tan

If you live in a place where winter last more than two months invest in a longer coat. They’re warm and cozy, just like a sleeping bag…

Jacket: Macy’s, Knit Hat & Sunnies: Downtown Threads, Sweater: H&M, Belt: Possibility Shop, Scarf: Gifted, Suede Skirt: Goodwill, Tights: Target, Booties: BambooI’d planned on pairing my leopard booties and camel skirt with an off white sweater until the cat decided that said sweater would make a perfect cuddle buddy and proceeded to shed half of her winter coat on it. With my sweater option nixed I decided to break all the rules and wear black and brown together and you know what I like it!

I used the leopard print booties to pull the black and brown together and then broke everything up with the bright red belt and was really happy with the end results.

What fashion rules have you broken lately?

Spotted… acting like Linda Carter

Linda Carter was epic as Wonder Woman. Her golden lasso, bullet shielding cuffs and invisible plane secured her a place among my fashion icons at a very young age. If only I was able to switch outfits with a few quick spins…

Sunglasses & Coat: Downtown Threads, Dress (worn as skirt): Goodwill, Sweater: The Gap, Heels: Dollhouse (via TJ Maxx), Belt: Forever 21, Tights: The Sox Market, Ring: Gifted I love this coat. I feel sublime when I wear it. The cheetah print, bell sleeves, burnt sienna pumps and a double buckle waist belt make this look a cornucopia  of my favorite things!

What pieces are filling your fashion cornucopia this season?

Wore Out’s Look of the Week

After sleeping close to 16 hours yesterday I feel a lot better. I think it was my body’s way of saying “if you’re not going to slow down, I’ll make you slow down.” I’m planning on getting lots of rest this weekend as well so I’m sure my energy levels will be back to where they should be in no time.

Speaking of energy Wore Out’s Look of the Week really pumped up the volume with a killer pair of leggings, animal print and bright yellow accents; creating a look that inspired.

Meet Eboni of The Fashionista Next Door!When I saw Eboni’s outfit I feel immediately in love with the different textures, and layers she choose. I’m constantly amazed with how easily Eboni is able to be on trend without losing an ounce of her own personal style. My favorite piece that she styled in this post (if I had to choose just one) would be her leggings. The mix of materials keeps these sexy leather leggings classic and chic and the leopard top and black accessories reinforces this style. Eboni’s outfits while always on trend and never looked forced. Her style is effortless and always on point, a hard combination to master! Stop by and check out The Fashionista Next Door for tips, perfectly constructed outfits and a whole lot more!

What do you think of Eboni’s look?

Spotted: Outtakes Galore

Scarf: Gifted, Jacket: Esty, Blazer & Dress: Goodwill, Booties: Old Navy

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself. Happy hump day y’all!

Leopard in a Blue Shirt

Sunnies: Zinnia, Scarf: Gifted, Cropped Half  Jacket:  Stowe Mercantile,  Button Up: Miley Cyrus for Wal-Mart, Dress (worn as skirt): Goodwill, Heels: Dollhouse (via TJ Maxx)I missed you guys while I was away trying not to spontaneously combust from the amount of stress I’m under. After a few days away and a weekend to regroup, I’m back. Thanks for sticking around.

This leopard dress has become one of my favorite Goodwill finds. I keep coming up different ways to wear it and it’s already proving to be a great layering piece. I tied the denim shirt at my waist to show off my figure instead of using a belt, since I wanted a fun, flirty look.

Early mornings and evenings have been chilly while the afternoons are sunny so I made sure my layers were light and easy to take on and off as I needed.  The teal scarf really popped against the coat while working with both the leopard print and burnt orange heels. I was a little worried that a white coat would wash me out and be impossible to style but I’m finding the total opposite to be true.

I bought this coat in Stowe, Vermont on a whim last summer. People thought I was crazy buying a lined wool coat in July but I got this baby for $22, almost 90% off the original price. Buying items out of season can be a gamble but I think this purchase really paid off.

Do you shop off season? What items in your closet surprised you with their versatility?

The Stylish Palette: Mix, Match & Pair

Picking a bottle of wine to compliment a meal is no different than trying to find a pair of shoes that tie a whole outfit together. Just like a pair of platforms can add the perfect 70’s chic vibe to a pair of flared jeans, a well paired bottle of Barbera d’ Alba can enhance flavor notes in a bold tomato sauce.

Abby from Dedalus Wine Shop explained that when it comes to picking a wine that will pair well with your meal there are two main schools of thought; accent complimentary flavors or highlight contrasting flavors.

  • A complimentary pairing would highlight the citrus flavors in a  Sauvignon Blanc by pairing it with a light summer salad with a citrus dressing.
  • A contrasting flavor pairing would be using crisp citrus flavors of an effervescent vinho verde to lighten up heavier summery dishes; steamers with clarified butter, marinated grilled chicken or favorite summer grilled treat, bacon wrapped scallops.

Complimentary Flavor Pairing: Hilberg, 2008 Barbera d’Alba, $23.50Tone down the acidity of a bold red sauce by pairing it with this moderately priced bottle of red. Both the wine and the sauce have a certain level of acidity and when paired together they neutralize each other somewhat. This allows the sweetness from the tomatoes in the sauce and the berry flavors in the wine to really shine.

Feeling bolder? Take a contrasting approach with your fashion palette and treat leopard/cheetah prints as neutrals. Try swaping out one of your neutral staple tees with a bold fun animal print to instantly add interest. Here’s how two of my favorite bloggers did it.

Jessica from What I Wore mixed this vintage polka dress dots with stylish cheetah print pumps

Tiffany over at A Reason to be Fabulous treats leopard print as a neutral and pairs it with solids to create a beautifully bold look

Do you prefer contrasting pairings or do you prefer to play off complimentary colors? What food/wine pairings do you enjoy?