Leopard in a Blue Shirt

Sunnies: Zinnia, Scarf: Gifted, Cropped Half  Jacket:  Stowe Mercantile,  Button Up: Miley Cyrus for Wal-Mart, Dress (worn as skirt): Goodwill, Heels: Dollhouse (via TJ Maxx)I missed you guys while I was away trying not to spontaneously combust from the amount of stress I’m under. After a few days away and a weekend to regroup, I’m back. Thanks for sticking around.

This leopard dress has become one of my favorite Goodwill finds. I keep coming up different ways to wear it and it’s already proving to be a great layering piece. I tied the denim shirt at my waist to show off my figure instead of using a belt, since I wanted a fun, flirty look.

Early mornings and evenings have been chilly while the afternoons are sunny so I made sure my layers were light and easy to take on and off as I needed.  The teal scarf really popped against the coat while working with both the leopard print and burnt orange heels. I was a little worried that a white coat would wash me out and be impossible to style but I’m finding the total opposite to be true.

I bought this coat in Stowe, Vermont on a whim last summer. People thought I was crazy buying a lined wool coat in July but I got this baby for $22, almost 90% off the original price. Buying items out of season can be a gamble but I think this purchase really paid off.

Do you shop off season? What items in your closet surprised you with their versatility?


12 responses to “Leopard in a Blue Shirt

  1. Love the shoes!

  2. I like how you layer your clothes and how the outfit can still look chic without the jacket and scarf. Very versatile look. The leopard dress is beautiful, I would have grabbed it too if I were you. The demin shirt goes really well with the dress.


  3. Shopping off season is the best. The stuff is cheaper and when it comes time for the season it is meant to be worn in, it’s like discovering new clothes! Great steal on the jacket! And I LOVE the leopard and chambray top!

  4. This look is blowing my mind. I absolutely love it. From head to toe it’s perfect. I want every piece. I want to wear it exactly how you styled it. You look effortlessly chic.


  5. Denim + leopard print = love it!
    Look cute!

  6. I loved the brief shot with the striking blue scarf, the contrast is energizing. Also, the shoes play wonderfully off the tattoo in pic #4. As Rod Stewart said in his song “You wear it well”.

  7. I can’t believe 1. that is really a dress and 2. you got it at a thrift store!! You can do so many amazing things with it – and I love how you paired it with blue and orange! So stylish! Now I have to add orange pumps to my must-buy list…. 🙂

  8. Love how you wore the dress as a skirt. Leopard & denim make a fabulous couple!!


  9. Beautiful dress. Denim looks great on it. Cute Coat too.

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