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Elbow Patches & Tweed

Maybe it’s all the early grey I’ve been drinking but I can’t help but feel a bit British in my tweed shorts and knit turtleneck with elbow patches. I’ve always been fascinated with traditional English countryside/hunting attire; something about stuffy tweeds, plaids, Hunter boots and Barbour jackets just speak to me.

I love the history and tradition behind the garments and how they have transitioned from somewhat snobby, upper class garb to trendy, available fashion forward pieces. As spring creep closer I’ll be keeping an eye out for countryside inspired pieces to keep the chill away and the poshness close.

Check out my countryside inspired board on Pinterest for more!

What fashions/styles are you drawn to for Spring?

Stick Season

Blazer: Goodwill, V- neck Tee: Target, Skirt: Forever 21, Tights: TJ Maxx, Boots: Old Navy, Bangles: Gifted, Skull Ring: Downtown ThreadsBurlington’s landscape has been pretty dreary making early morning wake ups that much more impossible. Stick season is upon us everything is grey. Stick season is that month long window where the landscape is bare and there’s no snow to cover it or fill in the gaps.

I’ve been wearing more monochromatic black and grey looks lately and I’m really enjoying how easy it is to pull outfits together. Monochromatic looks are perfect for mornings when you’re running late and don’t want to deal with mixing or matching, or just feeling uninspired by what’s hanging in your closet.  Instead of wearing all black or all grey I opted for a mix of both, having varying shades of grey and black accents, it adds depth to looks that otherwise my feel one dimensional.

What do you wear when you’re feeling uninspired?

A Black Out with Blue Jeans

Knit Hat: UO, Blazer: Goodwill (boy’s), Mockneck top: Shop in Georgia, Keys & Necklace: Florence, Italy, Bangles & Rings: Gifted & Thrifted, Jeans: H&M, Booties: Old NavyI’ve been wearing a lot of black lately (see here, here). Not because I want to look thinner (though after all the Christmas cookies it’s a definite plus) I’ve simply found darker monochromatic looks easier to put together when I’m feeling uninspired by the rest of my wardrobe. The simplicity and streamlined silhouette of an all black look offers the perfect “blank canvas” for accessorizing, allowing you to really play up your statement pieces.

Here are a few tips to playing around with monochromatic looks this winter:

  • You don’t have to wear black if you’re worried about looking washed out in all black opt for navy blue, forest green, deep reds, rich browns or charcoal gray instead.
  • Monochromatic looks don’t have to be boring play around with materials and textures as you would with colors. Try pairing black cigarette pants with a black silk blouse and black faux fur vest.
  • Play up the accessories a monochromatic look is essentially a blank canvas, set the tone of the outfit by selecting bold accessories. This is the perfect time to try out that studded collar, heelless shoe or bib necklace that you’ve been trying to style all year.
  • Make a statement with your outwear keeping the rest of your look simple is the perfect excuse to get a little wild with your outerwear. Brightly colored peacoats, fun faux fur jackets and patterned wraps are perfect when paired with sleek monochromatic looks this season.

Have you played around with monochromatic looks?

Velvet Bats

Sunglasses, Cardi, Skull Ring & Coral Necklace: Downtown Threads,  Dress (worn as top): TJ Maxx, Pencil Skirt: Forever 21, Tights: Gifted, Boots: Old NavyHow beautiful are these last fall leaves? I can’t believe it’s Thanksgiving already, time seems to be flying by faster and faster each day. Before I know it there will be snow on the ground and I’ll be bundled up like an Eskimo!

The last time I wore these boots (here) a friend of mine commented “nice bats”. I was perplexed until he explained that combat boots are commonly referred too as “bats”; am I the only one who didn’t know this? Anyway… this is the second time I styled my velvet bats and again I choose to go with an predominately black ensemble.

Maybe it’s becuase I’m still testing the waters on how to best style my bats that I find myself gravitating toward all black looks but I think in this case it works. I like the streamlined, monochromatic feel and the textured tights and coral statement necklace kept things from getting boring. I used to think that textured and colored tights were best saved for playing dress up but I’ve started to get more comfortable wearing and styling them. When D left for work this morning he said “see ya later fishnet lady!” I guess he liked the tights too.

How do you break up monochromatic looks? What crazy tights do you have in your collection?

Paint it Black

Knit Hat: Downtown Threads, Velvet Blazer: Zara, Tank: Charlotte Ruse, Necklace: Dub’s Duds, Ring: Downtown Threads, Boyfriend Jeans: Levi’s, Boots: Old NavyBelieve it or not this outfit took me outside my comfort zone. I’ve been lusting after a pair of combat boots for almost a year now and a few weekends ago when Old Navy was having their killer sale I nabbed these boots for around $15. They’re velvet which gives them a softer look than traditional combat boots which I’m hoping will make them easier to work into my existing wardrobe.

I wasn’t exactly sure how to style my new boots so I opted for a monochromatic look (when in doubt wear black). Next time I’d style them with skinnier jeans or my skinny cargo pants. I think the rolled cuff and slightly baggy cut of the boyfriend jeans made me look a bit stout when paired with the boots.

We’re in the middle of an unseasonably warm spell (high 50’s, low 60’s) so I’ve been wearing lots of layers. Lately my go to outerwear piece has been my velvet blazer from Zara. It’s light enough to be worn under my peacoat but thick/warm enough to wear on its own. Under my blazer I have a long sleeve cardigan and a tank, which have been perfect for keeping me cool during hectic days and warm on my walk home from work.

How would you style these boots? What layering pieces do you rely on to get you through in-between weather?

Bench Warmer

Not posing pose: intermediate

I felt a lot better about this outfit this morning than I do right now. Maybe it’s just a case of the Mondays or a stress hangover from this weekend but I feel about as attractive as poo!

Had to anchor the hair against the wind

Sunglasses: H&M

Blazer: Silence + Noise (via UO)

Mock Neck: Boutique in GA a million years ago

Belt: The Possibilities Shop

Dress (worn as a skirt): Gifted

Tights: The Sox Market

Patent Flats: Target

neither of these photos are very flattering…

This is the first time I’ve worn this dress as a skirt and I’m liking it. The subtle cheetah print is perfectly office appropriate! I like the outfit more without the blazer but the freezing wind forced me to side with function over form. I wish Vermont would make the complete transition into spring because I’m not sure how much more of this raw, gray sky weather I can take much more.

I was wearing this dress (as a dress) the night I met D so I feel special every time I wear it. Anytime D teases me about a crazy outfit or look I remind him that I was wearing a cheetah print tube dress when we met and that if he couldn’t see the red flag then it was his own fault.

What pieces hold special memories for you? What do you wear when you just feel blah?