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Literary Inspired Look – Nancy Drew

In honor of the Burlington Book Festival happening this weekend I put together a look inspired by one of my favorite literary characters of all time, Nancy Drew.

Growing up I wanted to be Carolyn Keene’s Nancy Drew. I loved that Nancy was just another  normal, crime fighting redhead with a light blue mustang convertible,  and hunky boyfriend named Ned (he was so dreamy). She relied on her wits more than her beauty, brought her two best friends, George & Bess along on her adventures and always managed to catch her man, sometimes with the help of her hot shot lawyer father Carson Drew.


What’s a sleuth without a chic trench coat, especially one done in gorgeous lamé? Practical but pretty footwear is a must when chasing down the scum of the underworld as are a compact flashlight (color coordinated with your outfit of course) and chic eco-concious notebooks, for noting criminal behavior of course. Never one to let her detective duties overshadow her style these rhinestone earrings, feminine  dress, and a classic satchel would perfectly suit a modern day Nancy.

What stylish literary figures do you love?

Preflight Check

Dollar Store Sunnies, Sheer Blouse: Macy’s, Tank: Kohl’s, Trousers: Forever 21, Ring: GILT, Heels: Target, Earrings: Gifted Apparently D thought I looked like a “vintage” flight attendant in this outfit and I really couldn’t dispute this observation as nothing screams “fly the friendly skies” like navy blue polyester.

James from Downtown Threads was kind enough to snap these photos in City Hall Park in front of the new David Stromeyer exhibit. If you haven’t had a chance you really should check it out, it’s a beautiful installation that is especially enjoyable on a sunny summer day.

What local art have you been enjoying?

Style Snaps at the Sailing Center

Michelle (@mgsearer) with the Sailing Center (@sailingcenter) and Alicia (@aliciademartini) of PMG (@PR_PMG), chic in black and white

Style and social media converged last Friday at the Lake Champlain Sailing Center for a breakfast tweet-up to celebrate Burlington Social Media Day. The weather couldn’t have been any more beautiful and it was the perfect way to start the day, I felt energized and inspired when I got to work.

Ellie (@elliebvt) and Cat (@catbtv) of Wherebear (@thewherebear) looking relaxed and stylish in stripes

Liz (@lizmuroski) with PMG (@PR_PMG) and Joe (@joemescher) of Dealer Dot Com (@DealerDotCom)

Michelle shows off tickets to the Sailing Center’s annual Fourth of July celebration, Rock the Dock

Nicole (@PMGNicole) fresh off a plane from Paris looking impossibly fresh in metallic sandals 

Tom (@tomkups) showing a little sock on the dock

Burlington Social Media Day was a blast, it’s always fun when you are able to take conversations and friendships out of the digital space and into the real world. Burlington is a hotbed for social media involvement and I was impressed by the level of early morning creativity and enthusiasm.

How “plugged in” is your community? Have you participated in tweet-ups or other social media events before? 

Weekend Snapshots

Enjoying Sunday Morning coffees in City Hall ParkWildflowers along the Winooski River in RichmondKnotted and Smooth DriftwoodUnderground System Afrobeat’s amazing performance during JazzfestA Good Luck Charm from DSweet Smelling Lilacs

Despite a rainy day on Saturday D and I took advantage of the weekend and got out for a few nice long walks in downtown Burlington and along the Winooski River in Richmond. It seemed like the rain pushed the spring blooms into overdrive and the wildflowers and lilacs we collected made our whole house smell fresh and sweet.

On Friday D and I had a long overdue date-night and grabbed dinner at Sherpa Kitchen, a new Himalayan restaurant in downtown Burlington, which was delicious. The lentil soup I had as an appetizer was amazing (I’m still dreaming about it’s rich flavors) and D inhaled his lamb curry.  After dinner we stopped by my favorite candy store Sweet Thing for an À la carte dessert and managed to catch the end of Underground System Afrobeat’s amazing live performance on Church Street, part of Burlington’s Discover Jazz Festival.

How was your weekend? What were some of the highlights?

Burlington City Marathon Love

Mac is wearing: J Crew shorts and tee with converse high tops Rebecca is wearing: J Crew scarf, sandals, & top with a Gap maxi skirtReady to run!

After weeks of training my good friends Mac and Rebecca are running the Burlington City Marathon. D and I are going to try and set up a cheering section for these guys somewhere along the Bikepath.

The best part is we’ll be able to track Mac and Rebecca as they run the course and so can you! Simply visit this website and enter the name or bib number of the race participant you want to track. Mac’s wearing bib #2482 and Rebecca is bib #2477.

Good luck to all of the athletes participating in this weekend’s events and have a wonderful weekend!

An Unexpected Outfit Post

The sun came out over Lake Champlain for a few precious moments yesterday afternoon creating a truly stunning scene. My favorite college professor once referred to these rays of light as “sun-dogs,” just saying it makes me smile.

Glasses: Eyefly, Necklace: Arizona, Cardigan/Wrap: Charlotte Ruse, Skinny Belt: Forever 21, Top: ?, Jeans: Hurley, Ruffle Flats: Target, Bracelets: Gifted, Lipstick: Revlon Strawberry Suede I wasn’t planning on taking outfit photos yesterday (my outfit was planned around my insane work day, not my fav fashions) but with at least half a dozen people snapping photos of the sun-dogs as well I figured it wouldn’t be hard to have someone snap a few of me. I took a chance and asked a much more stylishly dressed lady, she graciously agreed and after giving her my card (to prove I wasn’t a total loon) she took these.

I’m not wearing my “real” shoes (I left those under my desk so they wouldn’t get muddy) and I don’t like how wide my belted wrap makes me look but I decided to share these pictures with you anyway. Not every outfit is a winner and sometimes life prevents us from putting our most fashionable foot forward and that’s fine. What’s important is that you feel confident no matter what you have on; and while I’d be lying if I said I felt like a million bucks in this outfit I was so busy yesterday that I didn’t have a moment to worry about it!

Here’s my question to you readers (thanks for reading by the way); in the future should I skip sharing these less than inspiring/fashionable outfit photos with you?

My Weekend in Snapshots

How Gus dealt with the sub-zero tempsOne of my favorite hats and lots of layersAfternoon amarettos, to keep away the chillThe large and in charge cocktail ring I picked up at Micheal’s for $2For a late Sunday lunch with D’s parents I made saffron rice and fish veracruz 

Over the weekend temperatures in Burlington dipped to negative 15 with the wind chill making the idea spending the weekend at home under the covers all the more appealing. For the most part we stayed indoors and caught up on laundry and lounge time* but on Sunday we had D’s parents over for a late lunch. It was fun to have the opportunity to cook for them since they host D and I at their house all the time. I made fish veracruz (I used cod but you can use any light white fish) it’s a really fresh and flavorful dish with a touch of heat that makes it perfect for chilly days.

*Oh and to the ladies who used to live downstairs we miss you, hope you’re both doing well and wanted to let you know that your Sunday subscription to the Times is being well looked after.

How was your weekend?

Cool Tone Color Blocking

Sunglasses: Downtown Threads, Blouse: Battery St Jeans, Belt: T.J Maxx, Skirt: Thrifted, Slip: Vintage (via Downtown Threads), Heels: Target, Bracelet: Gifted, Ring: Montreal St Vendor

I snapped these pictures yesterday when it wasn’t cold, rainy and grey outside (like it is today). I would be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous of the beautiful pink and orange color blocked outfits that I’ve seen virtually everywhere. You blondes and brunettes look stunning in such bright, warm colors; pale redheads like me… not so much.

For my first time playing around with color blocking I opted for cooler jewel tones and kept my accessories to a minimum so the colors were center stage. I wish I’d had a bright solid color heel in yellow, red or pink to pair with this outfit but I liked the texture the snakeskin pumps added to the look.

Have you played around with color blocking? Do you wear more cooler tones or warm tones?

Tea Party with Champ

This is Champ, the most famous lake monster in the US. Champ lives in Lake Champlain, is rumored to be a plesiosaur and likes extra marshmallows in his hot cocoa. Ok so I made that last part up but who turns down extra marshmallows?

Sunnies: Zinnia, Tunic (worn as tank): Battery Street Jeans,

Skirt & Belt: Downtown Threads, Heels: Michael Antonio (via Endless)

With the exception of the pink tunic I’m wearing as a top you’ve seen all these pieces before. My love for these Michael Antonio heels is well documented here and here, I wore this new western belt last week and you’ve seen this skirt twirl before. I’ve been having a lot of fun shopping my closet lately (this makes both D and my wallet happy). I really love how the gold pattern on the heels work with the chunky gold accents on the belt.

What items have you been rewearing? Have you seen Champ?

Farmer’s Market Fire Escape

Sunnies: Zinnia, Shirt: The Children’s Place, Belt: Target, Bracelet: Gifted, Skirt: H&M, Slip: Vintage (via Downtown Threads), Sandals: Payless

With back to school ads popping up everywhere summer days seem even sweeter. Saturday D and I got a late start and headed to the Burlington farmer’s market around noon. We snacked on veggie tamales with zucchini salsa, spicy potato samosas and split a delicious almond, raspberry, chocolate and hazelnut tartlet on the walk home. Life in Vermont is good!

After we’d eaten our fill we picked up a fresh head of lettuce, a crisp cucumber and this beautiful bunch of zinnias. Coincidentally the sunnies I’m wearing in this post (a recent fashion indulgence) are from one of my favorite jewelry stores in Burlington, Zinnia.

I liked how the bright colors of the flowers looked in contrast to the soft green skirt and antique lace slip. The slip poking out from underneath my skirt isn’t just for looks; the cut of this skirt makes it extremely vulnerable to sneaky gusts of wind. I accidentally flashed an unsuspecting guy in the stairwell of my office building… it scarred us both. Since then I always play it safe and wear a slip, it’s an added bonus that this vintage slip has beautiful lace edging that adds a certain romantic touch to any outfit.

Do you wear slips or are they too old fashioned? Do you have a local farmer’s market? What produce is in season where you are?