Literary Inspired Look – Nancy Drew

In honor of the Burlington Book Festival happening this weekend I put together a look inspired by one of my favorite literary characters of all time, Nancy Drew.

Growing up I wanted to be Carolyn Keene’s Nancy Drew. I loved that Nancy was just another  normal, crime fighting redhead with a light blue mustang convertible,  and hunky boyfriend named Ned (he was so dreamy). She relied on her wits more than her beauty, brought her two best friends, George & Bess along on her adventures and always managed to catch her man, sometimes with the help of her hot shot lawyer father Carson Drew.


What’s a sleuth without a chic trench coat, especially one done in gorgeous lamé? Practical but pretty footwear is a must when chasing down the scum of the underworld as are a compact flashlight (color coordinated with your outfit of course) and chic eco-concious notebooks, for noting criminal behavior of course. Never one to let her detective duties overshadow her style these rhinestone earrings, feminine  dress, and a classic satchel would perfectly suit a modern day Nancy.

What stylish literary figures do you love?

4 responses to “Literary Inspired Look – Nancy Drew

  1. Those are such perfect updated Nancy Drew shoes I can hardly stand it! My literary (*cough*) style idol was Claudia from The Babysitter’s Club.

  2. Oh my gosh I read every Nancy Drew book when I was younger. Love her! And I LOVE the color of that dress with the perfect coat!

    • I thought Nancy would look fab in purple, all that’s missing is a headband… In hindsight I wish I’d added a headband of some sort

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