Preflight Check

Dollar Store Sunnies, Sheer Blouse: Macy’s, Tank: Kohl’s, Trousers: Forever 21, Ring: GILT, Heels: Target, Earrings: Gifted Apparently D thought I looked like a “vintage” flight attendant in this outfit and I really couldn’t dispute this observation as nothing screams “fly the friendly skies” like navy blue polyester.

James from Downtown Threads was kind enough to snap these photos in City Hall Park in front of the new David Stromeyer exhibit. If you haven’t had a chance you really should check it out, it’s a beautiful installation that is especially enjoyable on a sunny summer day.

What local art have you been enjoying?

7 responses to “Preflight Check

  1. Your shoes are gorgeous! This is a perfect outfit for work: chic but comfy! I think I’m gonna try something similar! haha Thank u so much for the inspiration!

    • Thanks Aletheia, I was worried it was a bit too heavy for the summer but I think it’s working, somewhat.

  2. This one is my favorite one! For reals, you are killing it in that look — I would wear it myself in a heartbeat if I could.

    • Thanks girl and there is NO reason why you couldn’t rock this look out. I found these pants on the cheap at Forever 21 but I’ve been seeing similar ones all over.

  3. I love this outfit. It’s so classy and chic!

    Hudson East

    • Thank you Julie, I’m looking forward to experimenting with these pants more when it’s cooler, they are just a bit too warm for the summer.

  4. I particularly like the cobalt blue sculpture…the blue against the green of city hall park grass makes me happy every day.

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