Weekend Snapshots

Enjoying Sunday Morning coffees in City Hall ParkWildflowers along the Winooski River in RichmondKnotted and Smooth DriftwoodUnderground System Afrobeat’s amazing performance during JazzfestA Good Luck Charm from DSweet Smelling Lilacs

Despite a rainy day on Saturday D and I took advantage of the weekend and got out for a few nice long walks in downtown Burlington and along the Winooski River in Richmond. It seemed like the rain pushed the spring blooms into overdrive and the wildflowers and lilacs we collected made our whole house smell fresh and sweet.

On Friday D and I had a long overdue date-night and grabbed dinner at Sherpa Kitchen, a new Himalayan restaurant in downtown Burlington, which was delicious. The lentil soup I had as an appetizer was amazing (I’m still dreaming about it’s rich flavors) and D inhaled his lamb curry.  After dinner we stopped by my favorite candy store Sweet Thing for an À la carte dessert and managed to catch the end of Underground System Afrobeat’s amazing live performance on Church Street, part of Burlington’s Discover Jazz Festival.

How was your weekend? What were some of the highlights?


6 responses to “Weekend Snapshots

  1. Original pictures: an interesting point of view 🙂
    Thank you to visit me


  2. Looks and sounds like a good weekend! Hope you have a great week!

  3. Lovely pics! I enjoy specially the lilac one… love the smell of lilac so much!

  4. Great pictures and the food sounds delish! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog—wanna follow each other?

  5. My week-end was definitely not as interesting as yours! I helped my boyfriend study for his exams 🙂

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