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Skater Girl Shag

Wore Out, Outfit Posts, Faux Fur Vest, Over the Knee Boots, Emerald Green Suede Boots, Skater Style Dresses, Mermaid JewelrySunnies: Downtown Threads, Gifted Vest, Dress: Pac Sun, Mermaid Necklace: Zinnia, Belt: Goodwill, Tights: The Sox Market, Boots: Battery Street JeansWore Out, Outfit Posts, Faux Fur Vest, Over the Knee Boots, Emerald Green Suede Boots, Skater Style Dresses, Mermaid JewelryWore Out, Outfit Posts, Faux Fur Vest, Over the Knee Boots, Emerald Green Suede Boots, Skater Style Dresses, Mermaid JewelryWore Out, Outfit Posts, Faux Fur Vest, Over the Knee Boots, Emerald Green Suede Boots, Skater Style Dresses, Mermaid JewelryI was never much of an ice skater or a ballerina but for some reason I’ve always wanted to be good at both. Unfortunately I’m a realist and know that the closest I’ll ever come to mastering either skill is the skater skirt on this dress from Pac Sun. Luckily it pairs perfectly with 70’s shag and emerald green, over the knee suede boots. A wonderful acquisition indeed. Did I mention it was $4.99?

What skill or talent have you always wanted to have?

Lumberjack Lookalike

Knit Hat: F21, BB Dakota Jacket: UO, Dollar Store Sunnies Gifted Faux Fur Vest, Boy’s Polo: Saver’s,  Jeans: Gap, Socks:Boots: Nine WestI am surprised by how much I like this look. In a way it’s almost a caricature of early winter in New England with the flannel, knits, and wool socks peeking out from shearling ankle boots. The faux fur vest and colored denim add modern elements and helped take the overall outfit from “antique alpine” to “alpine chic”.

What outfits have surprised you lately?

Polka Dots and Polar Bears

Gifted Vest, Dress (originally my Grandmother’s): Peck & Peck, Plum Tights: The Sox Market, Mermaid Bracelet: Alex and Ani

I love that I’m wearing hand me downs from two generations of Pierce women in one outfit. The Frye boots were my mom’s when she was my age and the vintage Peck & Peck dress belonged to my grandmother.

Recently my grandparents downsized and I was given  full reign over my grandmother’s collection of vintage that spanned over 60 years. This polka dot dress was one of the first pieces I choose. I didn’t have any long sleeve dresses and the classic polka dots were just too good to pass up. I paired it with plum tights and my Cher meets a shaggy dog, faux fur vest to keep it from feeling/looking dated.

I can’t wait to dress it up with a black velvet blazer, bright heels, and sparkling accessories  it could be perfect for the holiday party circuit .. which is already starting!

 What fun new frocks have you been wearing?

A little color and a lot of yeti

Sunglasses & Ring: Charlotte Russe, Scarf: Gifted, Denim Shirt: Goodwill Belt: Forever 21, Vest: Gifted, Jeans: Pac Sun, Boots: Florence

You know those days when you want the comfort that comes along with jeans and a tee without looking too casual or “boring”? Patterned or colored denim is a great way to add interest and style to a look without sacrificing an ounce of comfort. A funky print blouse or button up is a great substitute for a basic tee and you can always add layers to give your outfit depth.

I played around with texture and layered my “yeti” vest over a threadbare chambray button up, added my beloved Italian boots and was surprised by how well it came together.

Want to see how I dressed up my favorite LBD? I’m talking about it over here!

How do you dress up “simple” or “boring” looks?

Moonlight Lady

Simple is usually faster, so when it comes to finding an outfit I’m always looking to simplify. One way to simplify is to stick with a monochromatic color scheme. I wear a lot of black and have found that layering and mixing textures is a great way to keep things from getting boring. My old linen top worked perfectly under the faux fur vest my mom gave me for Christmas, keeping me warm without adding any extra bulk. The booties strike the perfect half clashing half complimenting balance with my BB Dakota jacket and gave my outfit a needed pop.

What color(s) have you found yourself gravitating too recently? How do you keep recycled pieces/looks fresh?

Socks and Booties

Blazer: Vintage (via my mom), Socks & Vest: Gifted, Belt: Goodwill, Shirtdress: TJ Maxx, Tights: Target, Booties: Forever 21By the time Friday morning rolls around I’m usually running on empty so the less I have to think about putting together an outfit the better. Inspired by Catherine’s “Chalet Chic” post I used some of my favorite pieces to create this casual New England winter look and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

I was fully expecting to hate how the socks looked pulled up with my oxford wedges but I like the pop of color they added. It might not be my most pulled together look (without the blazer, vest or booties it looks like I’m wearing a night shirt with holiday socks) but it was exactly what I was looking for.

What outfits/fashions have surprised you lately?

Perfect for Strip Poker

Blazer: Goodwill Kids, Necklace: Antique Store, Faux Fur Vest: Gifted, Belt: F21, Button up: Walmart, Tank & Flower Ring: Charlotte Ruse, Jeans: Levi’s, Boots: MIA (via 6pm)I don’t know if I’m doing my pageant smile because my friend Erin is behind the camera or because my face is frozen. The winter cold seem to come overnight and doesn’t it just figure that the first real snow storm would happen on the busiest travel day of the year. (I snapped these photos a few days ago as the snow this morning made outfit shots rather tricky.)

I wasn’t ready to break out my winter coat yet so I decided to layer some of my favorite pieces instead. When I layer I plan on wearing everything together but try to consciously use pieces that are easy to mix and match and can be worn individually. That way if you end up with tofutti smeared on your navy blue blazer or find yourself in an intense strip poker game, you wont miss a step.

Now… the boots. They were one of my last completely self indulgent purchases when I was working two jobs. The heel is the perfect height and I feel so Nancy Sinatra when I wear them. While this is the first time these boots has been blogged I have a sneaking suspicion that you’ll be seeing a lot more of them, specifically paired with my skinny cargos… stay tuned.

Safe travels & happy holidays all!