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Poncho de León

Sunglasses & Ring: Downtown Threads, Scarf: Gift Shop, Jacket: Etsy Top/Poncho: Goodwill, Necklace: Market in Naussa, Leggings: Target Bag & Socks: Urban Outfitters, Boots: FlorenceYesterday was unbelievably beautiful in Burlington. After getting a jump on some spring cleaning D and I spent the afternoon walking along the Burlington bike path and then to Leddy Beach. The weather was perfect and it felt great to be outside in the sun, so forgive me for unplugging for most of the weekend.

On Friday I talked about how the adventure and excitement of vacation left me craving the comfort of casual basics and wardrobe staples and clearly I’m not out of that phase yet. I bought this knit top at Goodwill Saturday morning and obviously couldn’t wait to wear it. It’s like traditional ponchos but slimmer and with regular sleeves, making it easier to wear under jackets or with layers.

To break up all the black and tan I added a chunky necklace that I picked up at the straw market in Nassau, Bahamas. It never ceases to amaze me how much a statement necklace adds to an overall look. The purple and bone colored carvings lightened up the look and worked well to pick up the purple highlights my UO bucket bag (another purchase I made over the weekend).

Were you able to do any shopping this weekend? What’s your go to piece when it comes to statement jewelry?

My Weekend in Snapshots

How Gus dealt with the sub-zero tempsOne of my favorite hats and lots of layersAfternoon amarettos, to keep away the chillThe large and in charge cocktail ring I picked up at Micheal’s for $2For a late Sunday lunch with D’s parents I made saffron rice and fish veracruz 

Over the weekend temperatures in Burlington dipped to negative 15 with the wind chill making the idea spending the weekend at home under the covers all the more appealing. For the most part we stayed indoors and caught up on laundry and lounge time* but on Sunday we had D’s parents over for a late lunch. It was fun to have the opportunity to cook for them since they host D and I at their house all the time. I made fish veracruz (I used cod but you can use any light white fish) it’s a really fresh and flavorful dish with a touch of heat that makes it perfect for chilly days.

*Oh and to the ladies who used to live downstairs we miss you, hope you’re both doing well and wanted to let you know that your Sunday subscription to the Times is being well looked after.

How was your weekend?

Silk Scarves & Stags

Sunnies, Skirt & Stag Ring: Downtown Threads, Knit Sweater: Gifted, Scarf: Office Yankee Swap, Button up: Ralph Lauren, Bracelet: Chinatown, Gem Ring: Gifted, Tights: Sox Market, Boots: Italy, Jacket: UOHappy Belated New Year All!

I’ve been under the weather for the past few days so please forgive the lack of posting. One of my goals for the new year is to be braver bolder when it comes to adding color into my wardrobe and I thought this mustard colored skirt from Downtown Threads was the perfect way to start.

I usually avoid all shades of yellow and orange because of my skin tone and hair color but since it was a skirt, and wouldn’t be close to my face or hair, I decided to give it a whirl. To play down the warmer tones I paired my new mustard skirt with a neutral cable knit sweater and the beautiful silk scarf that I got at my office’s yankee swap.

For me the perfect finishing touch was the stag ring I bought as a Christmas gift to myself. It added the perfect touch of whimsy and I figured that if the mustard skirt looked hideous the massive antlers would distract people.

What fashion goals/resolutions did you sent for yourself in 2012?

My Catamount Coat

Jacket: Clothes Exchange, Vest: Battery Street Jeans, Jeans: H&M, Necklace: Thrifted, Button up: LL Bean, Rabbit Ring: Downtown Threads, Stackable Rings: H&M, Booties: Forever 21, Bag: ALDO w/ thrifted scarf

This past weekend D (a University of Vermont Alum) took me to the UVM Men’s basketball home opener.  On our way through campus he snapped these pictures of me in front of UVM’s Royall Tyler Theater. We had a lot of fun and the best part is that the Catamount’s won the game with a buzzer beater! My alma mater (Champlain College) didn’t have an athletics program but we did have one a kick-ass mascot, Chauncy the Beaver.

I picked up this coat at the Burlington Clothes Exchange and I’ve been wearing it a lot this fall. I usually stay away from red but I loved the bell sleeves and black rose buttons so much that I took a chance on it. I kept the rest of the look casual with dark high waisted jeans and a simple white button up. I’m  in love with the silver hare ring that I found at Downtown Threads a few weeks ago. It adds the perfect amount of whimsy to this otherwise conservative casual look.

What pieces do you use to make an outfit your own?

About these pants…

Sunnies: Downtown Threads, Blazer: Saver’s, Tank & Necklace Target,  Blouse: From my mom, Jeans: H&M, Heels: Steve Madden (via T.J Maxx)I spent months searching for the perfect pair of dark wash, high-waisted flares and while D and I were in Montreal I found these at H&M. I thought they were the perfect pair of flares for me… but now that I have them I’m not so sure. They’re trickier to style than I thought and I’m not quite sure they’re flattering.

While I’m undecided about the silhouette the pants are cutting, I’m a big fan of the layers on top. I’ve been playing around with layering shirts and blazers with different lengths a lot since the temps started cooling off.  I liked how the teal blouse from my mom looked cuffed over the little boy’s blazer I scored for a dollar at Saver’s.

What layers and silhouettes are you playing around with this fall? 

Wore Out’s Look of the Week

Happy Heatwave Friday! I can’t believe how hot it’s been these last few days, Burlington has been a big muggy mess. I started the week off with the outfit I wore to Brewfest, I wore my favorite pair of booties, shared a simple but sweet summer cocktail and gave an old top a second chance.

Proving that beating the heat can be chic is Wore Out’s Look of the Week…

Elaine from Clothed MuchI just discovered Elaine’s blog and was immediately hooked. I love how with each outfit post she has a shopping section with pieces similar to what she’s wearing. With pieces from all different price points it makes copying her chic style easy, no matter what your budget.

The thing that really struck me about this look was how Elaine mixed different textures and patterns to create a totally cohesive and complimentary look. I also love how bold her statement necklace is against the black of her top.

By keeping her accessories, hair and makeup simple but bold each component is able to shine separately while bringing the whole look together. If you’re digging Elaine’s nails check out this post she did about one of the seasons hottest nail polish trends.

What element of Elaine’s outfit are you most drawn too? What blogs have you discovered lately?

Milkmaid Braids & Nautical Stripes

Oh my gosh the Clothes Exchange was so much fun last night! I left with some seriously amazing finds (including 3 rocking new coats and 2 smokin hot pairs of heels!) I can’t wait to share them with you so be on the look out for a post about all my new treasures this weekend!

Sunnies: Greece, Necklace: Dirt Chic, Tee: H&M, Jeans: Charlotte Ruse, Pumps: Steve Madden (via T.J Maxx) No, this isn’t a proactive before picture (please excuse the zit on my chin) it’s me trying to show off the braided look I’ve got going on.

Refinery 29 featured a super chic and simple braided updo in early April and I finally got around to trying it out! Since my outfit was so casual I wanted to add a little bit of pizazz with my hair. I didn’t add ribbon (as shown in R29 slideshow) but I was still pleaed with the end result.

I parted my hair normally (I rock the side part but really you can part it anyway) into to low ponytails, I braided the each section and then pinned them to the top of my head. Since my “bangs” were a bit too short to make it into my low braid I left them out.  After pinning the low braids to the top of my head I braided my bangs and pinned them behind one of my larger braids.

I went with the messier more boho look but if you wanted a more polished look you could work a smoothing serum or mousse through your hair before braiding and then finish with a smoothing spray. There are some great products featured in the Refinery 29 article as well.

Can you tell I’ve always wanted to be a Rockette?

literally two left feet

I left the house feeling less than thrilled with this outfit but the longer I wear it the more I’m loving it. It’s decidedly casual but I think the peep toes (which have quickly become a favorite of mine, seen here), statement necklace and messy milkmaid braid updo helped ramp it up a few notches. 

How do you dress up casual outfits? Would you rock my messy milkmaid updo or go with the more polished version?

Who Needs a Pedestal when You’ve got a Stump?

Sunnies: Downtown Threads, Necklaces: Dub’s Duds’

Leather Jacket: Vintage Jeffrey Allen (via Downtown Threads),

Shirt: Old Navy (via Goodwill), Tank: Charlotte Ruse, Leggings: Forever 21

Not Posing Pose #26 “The Not Really Balancing Act”“Done in Deco” by O.P.I

I must say, this is one of my favorite outfit so far, it’s the perfect mix of form and function. It’s as comfortable as pajamas without making me look like I just rolled out of bed 15 minutes after I was suppose to be at work… not that that’s ever happened to me or anything.

I live in leggings year round and I was overjoyed that the weather this weekend was warm enough for  me to bust out my capris and go barefoot. D snapped these pictures in my parent’s backyard. When I was a kid the stump I’m standing on was a massive apple tree that we used to use as the home run line during epic summer whiffle ball games. Sadly it had to be cut down after one too many nor’easters left it’s limbs dead.

It’s no secret that I love to layer and I think this outfit is the perfect representation of some of my favorite layers. Extra long tank tops and tees are my go-to when it come to base layers. My (men’s) button up is from Goodwill and with an amazing price tag of only $2 it has become a staple in my wardrobe.

D bought me this vintage Jeffrey Allen cropped leather jacket for my birthday and I couldn’t be more in love (with both  D and the jacket)! The cropped cut of the jacket hits the smallest part of my waist perfectly helping to create shape and definition even with all my slouchy layers. Not only is this jacket a beautiful vintage piece but it’s slimming too!

Since I was working with all solid colors I decided to add interest to this look by layering two long necklaces together to create one statement necklace. I love how the gray from the leather jacket works with the silver and blue of the necklaces. Both of them were hand-me-downs from my amazing friend Jenna, she’s Dubs (from Dub’s Duds’). I’ve been envious of her accessories collection since we were in middle school so when she offered to let me pick though her jewelry box before her yard sale I couldn’t pass it up!

What are your favorite layering pieces? Who’s jewelry box would you love to raid?


Confidently Casual and a Side of Egg Rolls Too!

Laughing at D’s behind the camera antics

I had a dressy Friday outfit post (featuring an amazing pair of over the knee, forest green, suede boots) planned… and then life happened. I worked late, my craptastic camera doesn’t have timer mode and no one was home to help me snap pics. After a lot of huffing and puffing I said the hell with it; threw on leggings and a cardi and trudged to D’s.

By the time I got to D’s I was in a foul mood. All the effort and planning I’d put into my Friday outfit post was wasted… so frustrating! I decided to make the best out of it and do a post about making D egg rolls.

We used to make these when I was growing up and some of my favorite childhood memories are of rolling egg rolls with my parents and sisters.

Why are you taking a picture of me?! I have corn starch on my leggings!

Cardigan: Target

Tee: H&M

Necklace: T.J. Maxx

Leggings: Target

House Slippers: Target

This necklace is one of those pieces that I saw and had to have!

A large necklace or bright accessory is the perfect way to add a punch of color and personality to an otherwise casual, lounging around outfit. Use statement pieces like this necklace to tie together colors schemes, break up  monochromatic looks or add detail to an otherwise simple outfit.

*I promise to share more professional & dressy outfit posts this week. Thank you for your patience while I work out all the kinks. For me style is about learning and evolving. I’m looking forward to chronicling my own personal blogging and style evolution with you.*




Golden Brown Goodness!

Saute your filling, place a quarter cup (or less) in the middle of a wanton wrapper, and roll for egg roll perfection. We browned them in oil then baked then in the oven for an extra crispy outside!

D’s “sauce zone” He made a delicious homemade dipping sauce (using every available Asian flavor in the kitchen!)

The purple ones are full of raspberries & the yellow ones have mango with D’s mom’s homemade yellow plum jelly!

We ended up having more wrappers than filing so I decided to make sweet, dessert egg rolls with the extra wanton wrappers. I used a few frozen raspberries, D’s mom’s homemade yellow plum jelly, and some fresh slices of mango for the filling… SO tasty. I’d never made dessert egg rolls before but it was interesting being able to try both sweet & savory egg rolls!

What dishes bring back childhood memories for you? How do you snap out of a bad mood or “funk”? What type out outfits would you like to see me post?