Chocolate Covered Donuts

Sunnies: ?, Top: Coin, Belt: The Possibility Shop, Skirt: Downtown Threads, Heels: Naughty Monkey

I rediscovered this top in my closet earlier this week and have been looking forward to wearing it ever since. One of the reasons I put this top in the back of my closet is because I’ve had a hard time styling it in the past. There is a  wide band of ruched elastic around the bottom of the top that creates an unflattering silhouette (poofing in the midsection area is never good).

To work around the top’s problem area I tucked it into a vintage high waisted skirt and was surprised by how much it changed the top’s shape. I wanted the 70’s inspired circular pattern to really pop so I paired it with a skinny red belt. I had originally planned to wear a neutral pair of heels but I liked how the red accents looked and I wanted to tie everything together so I opted the red and white checked pumps.

However what really sold me on this look was when D told me, “I like your outfit today babe. Your top looks like it has chocolate covered donuts on it!”


What do you think about this top? Did I style it well or should I have left it buried in the back of my closet?




3 responses to “Chocolate Covered Donuts

  1. Oh the things boys see and say about our outfits, haha. I like how you were able to take this tosser piece and find a way to make it work.

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  3. Love the pattern and color mixing here. And let’s talk about that gorgeous head of hair! So beautiful!

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