Does This Vest Make my Ass Look Like a Yeti?

The vest in question

The closest I’ll ever come to pole dancing

Sunnies: Market in Florence, Italy

Earrings: Thrifted

Faux Fur Vest: Gifted (thanks Mom!)

Shirtdress: T.J. Maxx

Tights: Target

Shoes: Steve Madden (via TJ Maxx)

The notorious faux fur flasher!

This is one of my favorite outfits! It’s so comfortable, and I’m a sucker for the military inspired gold button detailing on the shirtdress. Some of my favorite go to pieces for the spring/summer are shirtdresses. Classic and conservative enough to be worn to the office with a blazer and booties, but fun enough to wear with a pair of wedges and a great metallic clutch for a casual night on the town.

I wore this to lunch with my amazing friend Amanda. She’s a redhead too; which might explain why everyone is always mistaking us for sisters, even though we don’t really look that much alike. I had her snap these photos in the alley behind the restaurant which turned into a total laugh fest, (as usual).

The patented laugh and stomp move

We grabbed lunch at The Pacific Rim in Burlington and were both upset to learn that they were closing (their lease is up on Sat!). Fingers crossed they’ll reopen soon because their spicy shrimp cakes and Japanese eggplants are delicious!

Grr! It’s the yeti fashionista!

Last night while I was uploading the pictures for this post D looked over and burst out laughing when he saw my vest. “You look like a Yeti babe,” he teased. This quip had me thinking about something that Steffy from Steffy’s Pros and Cons wrote about in her Black Lamp Shade post… sometimes boys, no matter how amazing they are, just don’t get it.

So what do you think, does this vest make me look like a Yeti? What pieces do you wear that other people don’t get?


7 responses to “Does This Vest Make my Ass Look Like a Yeti?

  1. haha the title of this post cracked me up! i love that vest!

    ❤ steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  2. love love love shirt dresses & some military bling!!

    • haha thanks Jessy! One of the items on my spring/summer wish list is a military jacket, it’s the perfect item to layer with a white teeshirt and leggings, UNH chic for sure!

  3. I am in love with those shoes.

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