Confidently Casual and a Side of Egg Rolls Too!

Laughing at D’s behind the camera antics

I had a dressy Friday outfit post (featuring an amazing pair of over the knee, forest green, suede boots) planned… and then life happened. I worked late, my craptastic camera doesn’t have timer mode and no one was home to help me snap pics. After a lot of huffing and puffing I said the hell with it; threw on leggings and a cardi and trudged to D’s.

By the time I got to D’s I was in a foul mood. All the effort and planning I’d put into my Friday outfit post was wasted… so frustrating! I decided to make the best out of it and do a post about making D egg rolls.

We used to make these when I was growing up and some of my favorite childhood memories are of rolling egg rolls with my parents and sisters.

Why are you taking a picture of me?! I have corn starch on my leggings!

Cardigan: Target

Tee: H&M

Necklace: T.J. Maxx

Leggings: Target

House Slippers: Target

This necklace is one of those pieces that I saw and had to have!

A large necklace or bright accessory is the perfect way to add a punch of color and personality to an otherwise casual, lounging around outfit. Use statement pieces like this necklace to tie together colors schemes, break up  monochromatic looks or add detail to an otherwise simple outfit.

*I promise to share more professional & dressy outfit posts this week. Thank you for your patience while I work out all the kinks. For me style is about learning and evolving. I’m looking forward to chronicling my own personal blogging and style evolution with you.*




Golden Brown Goodness!

Saute your filling, place a quarter cup (or less) in the middle of a wanton wrapper, and roll for egg roll perfection. We browned them in oil then baked then in the oven for an extra crispy outside!

D’s “sauce zone” He made a delicious homemade dipping sauce (using every available Asian flavor in the kitchen!)

The purple ones are full of raspberries & the yellow ones have mango with D’s mom’s homemade yellow plum jelly!

We ended up having more wrappers than filing so I decided to make sweet, dessert egg rolls with the extra wanton wrappers. I used a few frozen raspberries, D’s mom’s homemade yellow plum jelly, and some fresh slices of mango for the filling… SO tasty. I’d never made dessert egg rolls before but it was interesting being able to try both sweet & savory egg rolls!

What dishes bring back childhood memories for you? How do you snap out of a bad mood or “funk”? What type out outfits would you like to see me post?

3 responses to “Confidently Casual and a Side of Egg Rolls Too!

  1. i think your hair colour looks so beautiful against purple!

  2. your dinner looks great and that necklace is amazing

    Bow Dream Nation xx

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