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The Former & Later

Dollar Store Sunglasses, Crop Top: Downtown Threads, Bag: ALDO, Coral Skinnies: Pac Sun, Skull Ring: Vending Machine, Sandals: GoodwillThere are days when your outfit can give you the confidence to tackle any challenge and then there are days when you wake up and every piece of clothing in your closet makes you look and feel like an amorphous blob. I’m currently having one of the later days but when these photos were taken I was feeling quite the former. Nothing like a sassy pair of coral skinnies and a feather print top to put a little swagger in your step.

What outfits have been making you feel sassy?

PS: many thanks to James from Downtown Threads, who can be seen in the last photo, for snapping these pictures

Spring Flamingo

Sunglasses, scarf & hand tooled vintage belt: Downtown Threads, Tank: H&M (via Clothes Exchange), Jeans: Pac Sun, Leopard Flats: Target The cold I felt creeping on yesterday is making me look and feel more like Rudolph the red nose reindeer than a bright, sunny flamingo. Here’s an outfit post from sunnier, healthier days. Bright, warm colors and lots of miso soup always does the trick. 

What bright pieces are you working into your wardrobe this week?

John Lennon’s Ginger Cousin Rides a Bike

Scarf (worn in hair): UO, Sunnies: Downtown Threads, Sweater: Gifted, Tank: Charlotte Russe, Bag: TJ Maxx, Jeans: Pac Sun, Beaded Wrap: Mom Camel Watch: Flea Market in Maine, Leather Bracelet: Goodwill, Firestone 500: Barge Canal Market, Sandals: PaylessIs it just me or do I look like a pastel wearing, ginger version of John Lennon in aviators? Not that that’s a bad thing. This weekend D and I were both crazy busy but we made sure to carve out a few hours to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather. Sunday afternoon we took our bikes out for a quick cruise around the neighborhood before enjoying  a delicious dinner on the porch.

I kept my outfit colorful, casual, and breezy. The white and yellow striped sweater was a gift from my roommate Cindy, it’s perfectly threadbare and looks amazing as a cover-up over bathing suits. As the weather warms up I instinctively start mixing more color into my looks, with accessories and pieces like these coral pants (which have turned out to be the perfect addition to spring wardrobe!) My swallow print bag was a splurge about 5 years ago at TJ Maxx and it’s still one of my favorite summer carry-alls.

What new spring pieces are you mixing into your wardrobe?

Coral & Cobalt

Sunnies: Tom Ford (gifted), Tank: H&M (via Clothes Exchange), Heels: ALDO,  Slip: Vintage (via Downtown Threads), Skirt: Vintage/Thrifted, Ring: Street Vendor in Montreal

When I was debating weather or not to buy these heels I remember asking myself, “are these practical? Will I wear them enough to justify buying them?” At the time the answer to both those questions was no but the mix of coral suede and smell of new shoes was so seductive I bought them anyway.

Since then I’ve worn these heels with everything from cocktail attire to leggings and everything in between. For the height these heels are deceptively comfortable and easy to wear all day. It’s funny to think that a few years ago I saw heels as devices of torture, made to keep women off balance… until I bought a pair of heeled Steve Madden cowboy boots.

I loved the strong, sharp sounds their sturdy 2″ heel made made when I walked and how they made my legs feel longer and stronger. It wasn’t too long before my closet was filled with platforms, stilettos, wedges, kitten heels and more. It took some practice (and a handful of epic falls) before I felt truly confident in high heels but now I’m just as (if not more) confident in a pair of platforms than I am in flats.

What pair of shoes kick started your shoe collection? Are you a flats girl or do you prefer high heels?

Birds of a Feather

Sunnies: Tom Ford (gifted), Top: Target, Assorted Bracelets: Gifted, Skirt: Downtown Threads, Heels: ALDO

While cropped tops have been one of the hottest trends this season I’m still warming up to them. The idea of an exposed midsection (no matter how small the area exposed) is a bit foreign to me but when I found this adorable silk crop top I couldn’t help myself. I snapped it up and hoped that its chic but simple feather pattern would turn me into a belly baring fool!

When the shopping high wore off and I got my new purchase home I tried it with a variety of bottoms and realized I wasn’t quite ready to bare my belly. Instead I opted for a classic silhouette and treated it like a billowy blouse; tucking it into my favorite vintage skirt from Downtown Threads. Sometimes old favorites sparkly even more when paired with newer on trend pieces.

How do you mix new pieces into your wardrobe? How have you styled cropped tops this season?

Zebras and Champagne

Top: Charlotte Ruse (via Burlington Clothes Swap), Belt: Forever 21,

Skirt: Vintage via Downtown Threads, Rings: Gifted & H&M, Heels: ALDOI’m not sure if zebras actually enjoy champagne but pairing a shimmery zebra striped top with a vintage champagne midi skirt seemed totally natural. I was worried that I would look too… tacky Vegas when I added my black sequin belt but I think everything came together in a perfectly understated sparkly kind of way.

To balance out the glitter and shimmer I wanted a bold but simple shoe and these ALDO pumps fit the bill perfectly. The coral heels worked well with the skirt’s neutral tone but also made the top’s print pop, highlighting the whole outfit successfully. I also wear higher heels with midi length skirts because the added height helps to slim and streamline the calf and ankle area. The midi skirt and stiletto combination always makes me feel just a little bit glam and that’s never a bad thing!

What shoes would you have paired with this look? What makes you feel glamorous?

Minty Morale

Spring is in the air and in my step

I love how Spring just creeps into Burlington. It starts with a smell, the smell of spring. It’s something you can’t describe all you can do is breathe it in. Spring in Vermont is unlike spring anywhere else. Everyone is so excited by any trace of warmth that even a half hour of sun is celebrated.

How’s my not posing pose?

Sunglasses: Market in Florence, Italy

Necklace: Forever 21

Ring: ?

Blazer: Vintage (my Mom’s from when she was my age)

Blouse: Macy’s

Dress: Street Sale in Paris

Solid Tights: Sox Market

Pattern Tights: From a Halloween costume years ago

Shoes: ALDO

This is my favorite photograph on Wore Out so far

My mom gave me this blazer a few winters ago and I’ve never really figured out how to make it work, but this outfit has opened my eyes to it’s numerous possibilities. I’ve started to appreciate its classic cut and pattern. You can’t really see it in the photos but there are multi colored dots throughout that are really beautiful. I plan of saving this blazer to pass on to my daughter one day.

Less smiling, check.

Less cheesy posing, check.

More professional outfits, check.





The only part of this outfit that I wear on a regular basis are the accessories… but that is about to change! The dress, blouse, and blazer are all pieces that I’ve had for years but hardly wear. The blouse is too sheer and a little too large on it’s own but works perfectly under the dress, which is too low cut, and the masculine cut of the blazer, which I’ve always found bulky, somehow pulls everything together and balances out the feminine flounce.

I don’t know if it was the spring weather, the shining sun or these coral pumps but I feel like I’ve shed my winter skin and I’m ready to blossom!

What are you looking forward to this spring? How to you breathe new life into your closet?