Minty Morale

Spring is in the air and in my step

I love how Spring just creeps into Burlington. It starts with a smell, the smell of spring. It’s something you can’t describe all you can do is breathe it in. Spring in Vermont is unlike spring anywhere else. Everyone is so excited by any trace of warmth that even a half hour of sun is celebrated.

How’s my not posing pose?

Sunglasses: Market in Florence, Italy

Necklace: Forever 21

Ring: ?

Blazer: Vintage (my Mom’s from when she was my age)

Blouse: Macy’s

Dress: Street Sale in Paris

Solid Tights: Sox Market

Pattern Tights: From a Halloween costume years ago

Shoes: ALDO

This is my favorite photograph on Wore Out so far

My mom gave me this blazer a few winters ago and I’ve never really figured out how to make it work, but this outfit has opened my eyes to it’s numerous possibilities. I’ve started to appreciate its classic cut and pattern. You can’t really see it in the photos but there are multi colored dots throughout that are really beautiful. I plan of saving this blazer to pass on to my daughter one day.

Less smiling, check.

Less cheesy posing, check.

More professional outfits, check.





The only part of this outfit that I wear on a regular basis are the accessories… but that is about to change! The dress, blouse, and blazer are all pieces that I’ve had for years but hardly wear. The blouse is too sheer and a little too large on it’s own but works perfectly under the dress, which is too low cut, and the masculine cut of the blazer, which I’ve always found bulky, somehow pulls everything together and balances out the feminine flounce.

I don’t know if it was the spring weather, the shining sun or these coral pumps but I feel like I’ve shed my winter skin and I’m ready to blossom!

What are you looking forward to this spring? How to you breathe new life into your closet?




8 responses to “Minty Morale

  1. great dress, and fun blog, caitlin! i have a fancy camera (or at least i steal my bf’s) so let me know if you ever want to do a photo shoot 😉

  2. Love Charlotte’s jacket!

    • Charlotte gave me another amazing camel blazer. She was SO tiny when she was my age that a lot of her stuff didn’t fit me. I am so mad, she had an AMAZING leather jacket that she lost track of. I had my heart set on having it when I was in high school.

  3. Loove those shoes! 😀

    I bought my Target dresses online because I wasn’t sure if my Target would have them in store, I’m not sure if they sold out on there yet though. :/

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