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Flirting with Fall

Sunnies (that I’m clearly obsessed with): Zinnia, Button up: Walmart Tank: Charlotte Ruse, Belt: Goodwill, Jeans: Levi’s, Wedges: Target

This week a chill has crept into the air and the mornings and early evenings are really starting to feel like fall. I bought these skinny jeans in July when D and I went to the Levi’s Outlet in Kittery, ME. Not only do I love the color but the skinnies are made with brushed denim giving them a wonderful almost suede like feel.

I snapped these pictures yesterday in between periods of rain and just general cloudiness. I tried to keep this outfit somewhat light because the temperature still managed to climb into the 70’s (but only briefly) so I opted for dark brown wedges and a loose off-white tank. Both brought summery elements to the look and kept it from being too fall too soon.

For some reason I just could not get comfortable. I tried moving my belt around and playing with my different layers trying to find a look that I loved but it just made me more frustrated. I finally settled on wearing my belt through my jean’s loops and buttoned up just the middle of my denim shirt. It wasn’t perfect but it worked.

How would you have styled this look? What color(s) would you pair with these jeans?

Weekend Wedding

Sunnies: Zinnia, Dress: Vintage (via Etsy), Wedges: Vintage (via my mom)

D and I attended a friend’s wedding in Orwell, Vermont this weekend. We quickly snapped these photos before the reception kicked off. The weather was almost as beautiful as the setting, with the wedding and reception taking place at the bride’s family’s farm.

I was excited to finally be able to wear this vintage, disco era party dress. It was light enough to keep me cool during the warm afternoon ceremony and comfortable enough to dance in all night long. The wedding celebrations continued well into the wee hours of the morning with the majority of party goers retiring to tents they’d set up in the field as the sun came up.

I was so excited to come home from the wedding and see this wonderful article about Wore Out in the Burlington Free Press. I spent an afternoon with Lynn Monty from the Free Press a few weeks ago and had a blast. Her article was the perfect way to celebrate 6 months of blogging!

What did you do this weekend?

New Staples

Button Up: Wal-Mart, Tee: Consignment Shop in Florence

Belt: Possibility Shop, Skirt: Downtown Threads

Wedges: Vintage (via my mom)

So you may be asking yourself, “why are these photos taken from so far away?” Well my allergies flared up, leaving my nose redder than my hair and my eyes as glazed as a Krispy Kreme doughnut. I am miserable. Luckily my allergies will wind down as the cooler fall temperatures roll in. If you have cope with allergies year round, I salute you. I don’t know how you do it.

When I am feeling this yucky comfort is paramount and this look fits the bill. This outfit is made up of two of my wardrobe staples: a distressed denim button up and vintage pleated skirt. If you’ve followed my blog for a while (thank you!) you probably recognize this skirt… since I wore it all summer, (here, here & here).  I never thought I’d say this but this button up, from Wal-Mart, has become a staple in my wardrobe (see here, here, & here).

What pieces do you consider wardrobe staples? What do you wear when you’re feeling under the weather? 

New Wedges on the Waterfront

Sunnies: Chinatown, Jacket: Stowe Mercantile, Dress & Wedges: Target

Forgive my absence but D and I were enjoying a midsummer getaway. It felt great to leave my computer, tripod and camera stowed for the majority of our vacation. Even though I didn’t snap a single outfit picture while we were away that didn’t stop me from shopping.

I bought this floral dress and these mustard yellow wedges at Target while we were on vacation and couldn’t wait to wear them together. The best part… the wedges were only $6.48! I couldn’t believe how perfectly the mustard color of the heels picked up the dresses floral pattern. Mustard yellow has become one of my favorite fall colors and I can’t wait to work both of these pieces into my fall wardrobe.

What colors are you looking forward to working into your fall wardrobe? 

Rural Landscape

Sunnies: Downtown Threads, Dress & Vintage Slip: Downtown Threads, Wedges: Vintage (via my Mom)“…seemingly endless emerald green fields lead to forests crowned by magnificent mountains…” VT

I’ve lived in Vermont for almost 5 years and I’m still in awe of the beautiful landscape. This weekend D and I visited his parents and I insisted that we stop and take pictures in their neighbor’s field. The bales of hay still had the sweet smell of freshly cut grasses and I couldn’t resist the temptation to clamor all over them, carefully of course! D, content to blame my coastal Maine upbringing for my fascination with all things farm life, snapped these pictures for me.

Summertime signifies simple outfits and this outfit is no exception. I love how easy it is to look pulled together in just a dress and wedges. Summer is also synonymous with swimming which means my hair is left to air dry most nights causing an explosion of curls. For a fun no fuss approach to beach/lake hair gather and braid a 1-2 inch section of hair halfway up the left side of the head (right in front of the ear works best). Once braided lay the braid across the top of your head and secure it behind your right ear with bobby pins, creating a braid headband of sorts.  Repeat this on the right side of your head and pin it behind you’re left ear for a more glam, double braid  look.

How does your style change during the summer? Are you a city girl or does the countryside speak to you?

Neonautical, yeah it’s a word

Sunnies (below): Chinatown, Blazer (below): Target,

Bangles & Ring: Charlotte Ruse, Tee: H&M, Shorts: Downtown Threads,

Clutch (below): Downtown Threads, Wedges: Charlotte Ruse

I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of high-waisted shorts since the snow started melting and it wasn’t until last week that I finally found the perfect pair. I was drawn to their color but the shape and style of the waist really sold me. I love how sexy and feminine they look while covering up almost all my problem areas (fupa & thundering thighs I’m talkin to you!) I ended up hemming/cuffing the shorts becuase they were closer to Bermuda shorts than I liked and despite my extremely limited sewing skills I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.

Since the shorts were center stage I decided to keep the rest of my look clean and simple. I love how the brightness of the pink really brings out the blue stripes in the top (and the hot pink streak in my hair!). To combat freezing office temperatures I layered a simple black linen blazer over my tee and used black accessories to tie the whole look together. I took a chance on this outfit and really ended up loving how it all came together.

James from Downtown Threads allowed me to harangue him into taking my photos again and since he had pink pants on too I insisted that he get at least one shot of us together.

The notorious pink pants posse

What trends are you embracing this summer? What would you pair with hot pink shorts?

So What if I Wore This in Kindergarten

Sunnies: Chinatown, Button Up: Walmart, Necklace: Gifted,

Tank: Old Navy, Belt: Target, Skirt: via Burlington Clothes Swap,

Earrings & Wedges: Charlotte Ruse

Almost a year ago a friend and I were shopping together when she found the cutest floral print white denim skirt that totally worked on her; naturally I was insanely jealous I hadn’t spotted it first. Flash forward a few months and imagine my delight when my friend brought said skirt to a clothes swap party! I immediately snapped it up and have been loving it ever since.

I wore this skirt when I was home last and my mom told me that it was almost an exact copy of a skirt I had when I was in kindergarten! I consider my style to be constantly changing so it was a bit of a surprise that something I loved to wear when I was 5 still appeals to me almost 20 years later.

With trends constantly being recycled and retooled it’s fun to get a second chance at styling them. Fingers crossed old school jellies (not the new hipster versions) will make a serious come back! Oh and if someone could get a hold of Lisa Frank that would be great too, note taking just isn’t the same without rainbow colored dolphins and frolicking unicorns.

What trends would you like to see come back?
What trends should remain dead?

Floral Midi Flashback

Sunnies: Chinatown, Sweater: Loft (via the Clothes Exchange),

Tank: Old Navy, Belt: Taken off Gifted Dress, Skirt: Downtown Threads,

Wedges: Vintage (via my mom)

I wore this skirt about a month ago for memorial day but this is outfit has a much more summery feel to it. We’ve been enjoying perfect summer weather in Burlington lately but my office is freezing cold so I have bring a sweater or jacket with me to work. The sweater I paired with this look (last seen here) has quickly become one of my favorite layering pieces. I was worried that the sweater’s shimmer would look too “busy” against the skirt’s floral pattern but in the end I thought it added the perfect amount of interest.

Switching between the gold shimmer of the sweater and the bright aquamarine of the silk tank totally changed the look and feel of my outfit. It felt like I had two totally different outfits on. The sweater played nicely off the brown accessories but also brought out the warmer golden tones in the skirt. While the aquamarine tank top stood out against the brown making the reds, pinks, and greens in the skirt pop.  I wish I would have thought to tie the sweater over my shoulder 80’s style as I would have see both colors in action, but hindsight is 20/20.

What unexpected color combinations have you been playing with lately? Which top work better with this look?

Day to Date in a Step

Sunnies: Downtown Threads, Jacket: T.J Maxx, Romper: Target,

Sandals: H&M, Wedges: Charlotte Ruse, Rings: Charlotte Ruse & Gifted 

Over the weekend D and I met with his parents and grandparents for lunch to celebrate Father’s day; giving me the perfect excuse to break out this new to me romper! My younger sister bought this romper last summer but after a few months of it hanging in her closet (with the tags still on) she ended up giving it to me. The shape/style of the pockets remind me of an elementary school art smock but I’m totally digging it.

For lunch with D’s family I kept it casual but fun in my coral sandals. Later I opted for a sexier look pairing the romper and cropped jean jacket with black wedges when D and I grabbed drinks on Church Street with friends. The wedges not only add height but lengthen my legs counteracting the pear shape look the romper gives me. Next time I’m thinking of pairing the romper with these coral stilettos for an extra pop of color and 2 inches of height!

After looking at these pictures I was really amazed by how much the look/feel changed just by switching shoes. Changing up accessories is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to remix an item in your closet. Adding a pair of heels and some bold accessories can take an outfit from day to night in a snap.

How do you take an outfit from day to night? Would you wear a piece of clothing even if it wasn’t exactly flattering?

This Old Thing

Hat: Gifted, Sunnies: Chinatown, Dress: Target, Belt: The Possibilities Shop, Wedges: Charlotte RuseDo you have pieces in your closet that you love but hardly wear because they are impossible to style?

Believe it or not this dress used to be one of those pieces for me. I know this dress doesn’t seem like it would be hard to style, I mean it’s beige with black accents how hard could it be right? Wrong! I’ve had this dress for almost 5 years and this is the second or third time I’ve worn it. I know the rule of thumb is to throw a piece out if you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months but aren’t some rules just meant to be broken?

The biggest stumbling block when it came to styling this dress was the drawstring in the back. It cinched the dress in a rather unflattering way but if I didn’t cinch it I ended up looking like I was wearing a potato sack, (a 100% silk potato sack with tribal print, but a potato sack no less.)

When I put this dress on recently I decided to forget all about about the troublesome drawstring and added a skinny belt right over it and tucked the excess up under the belt, (now you know why there aren’t any shots of this look from the back). I rather like the outcome and looking at these photos I’m glad I bucked the rules and kept this little gem in my closet all this time.

My advice for dealing with pieces you love but hate to style, keep trying it! Eventually you’ll make it work or get so fed up that you’ll be ready to part with it. Do an image search to see how other people are styling similar pieces or reach out to one of you favorite fashion/style bloggers for advice. Sometimes all it takes is an outside opinion and a little inspiration.

What pieces in your closet are particularly hard to style? What do you do when you’re having trouble styling a piece?