In a Cargo Hold

Button-up: Wal-Mart, Black Cami: Target, Wood & Gold Bangle: Gifted, Cargo Pants: Levi’s, Snakeskin Heels: Target

I must admit that when skinny cargo pants started appearing I was skeptical but when I came across these Levi’s I decided it was time to give the skinny cargo trend a try. I was surprised by how comfortable and relatively streamlined they were. These were not the cargo pants of my childhood but a more flattering, figure hugging style with the appeal going far beyond their carrying capacity.

If I’m undecided about buying an item while shopping I try and see how many outfits I can mentally plan out using the new piece and my existing wardrobe. If I can’t think of at least two ways to wear the new piece with what I already have than it’s a no. So when I found myself undecided about these cargo pants I paused and found that not only would they work with what I already had but I could easily see them becoming part of my monthly and (possibly) weekly rotation. Oh and did I mention that they were only $14.98.

What new trends have you been slow to adopted? How would you style skinny cargo pants? 


13 responses to “In a Cargo Hold

  1. I felt the same way! I wasn’t sure about skinny cargos but now I want them! I’m very tall though so I have issue finding the right lengths! They look awesome on you!

    • I swear pants are the trickiest thing to shop for! The sales associate at Levi’s encouraged me to try the skinny cargos on and gave me the final push I needed to buy them but now that I have em I love em!

  2. I never gave the skinny cargos a second thought—- but they look great on you and now I need to try out a pair myself!

    • Thanks Alexis! I got these at Levi’s on super sale but everyone seems to have their own spin on skinny cargos now so you should be able to find try a number of styles on!

  3. you look great in cargo pants! I didn’t know about skinny cargo pants. Blame it on thrift store shopping, my mind is becoming vintage too. Heels are perfect with this outfit, casual smart chic!

    Thanks for the lovely note, you made my day dearie!


  4. I love skinny cargos. I would style similar to how you do and sometimes I put a loose fitting dressy silk tank with them also. I love the heels you are wearing…

    Aesthetic Lounge

    • Mimi, I love the idea pairing something as feminine as a silk top with a usually utilitarian piece like these cargos! Can’t wait to try it!

  5. I bought that shirt from Walmart last year (for only 1$!!!) and my husband tells me it doesn’t look good every time I wear it. I’m going to show him this post and tell him to shut up! 🙂

    • Hi Tasha, thanks for stopping by Wore Out! I love this button up (and wear it a ton!) I think I picked it up for three or four dollars on the way to Pond Fest last year and it’s been a staple ever since. My boyfriend D is usually pretty open minded when it comes to what I wear but there is one furry vest (that I love) that drives him crazy he hates it!

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  8. HEY, I came ovef to see you in this outfit after you commented. Great minds think alike. But I love those heels. Makes the look so much more sophisticated.

    I really love your style.

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