Neonautical, yeah it’s a word

Sunnies (below): Chinatown, Blazer (below): Target,

Bangles & Ring: Charlotte Ruse, Tee: H&M, Shorts: Downtown Threads,

Clutch (below): Downtown Threads, Wedges: Charlotte Ruse

I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of high-waisted shorts since the snow started melting and it wasn’t until last week that I finally found the perfect pair. I was drawn to their color but the shape and style of the waist really sold me. I love how sexy and feminine they look while covering up almost all my problem areas (fupa & thundering thighs I’m talkin to you!) I ended up hemming/cuffing the shorts becuase they were closer to Bermuda shorts than I liked and despite my extremely limited sewing skills I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.

Since the shorts were center stage I decided to keep the rest of my look clean and simple. I love how the brightness of the pink really brings out the blue stripes in the top (and the hot pink streak in my hair!). To combat freezing office temperatures I layered a simple black linen blazer over my tee and used black accessories to tie the whole look together. I took a chance on this outfit and really ended up loving how it all came together.

James from Downtown Threads allowed me to harangue him into taking my photos again and since he had pink pants on too I insisted that he get at least one shot of us together.

The notorious pink pants posse

What trends are you embracing this summer? What would you pair with hot pink shorts?

4 responses to “Neonautical, yeah it’s a word

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  2. I love those shorts, the detail on the waist it really interesting, and of course I think the color is fantastic. Excellent find!

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