Mint Mini

Sunnies (that are making me look like a bug today): Greece,

Sweater: Loft (via Clothes Exchange), Belt: Goodwill, Skirt: H&M,

Glittery Leopard Flats: Target

Like I  could resist?!

These pictures don’t do this outfit proper justice! The skirt is an almost pastel shade of mint while the sweater has a perfect golden glittery shine. I’m slowly adding more metallics to my wardrobe and I’m loving how easy they are to mix and match with what I already have!

To offset the sweater’s sparkle I kept the rest of the look neutral and to tie it all together I choose an equally sparkly leopard print ballet flat. Please note: even though the temps are in the high 80’s my office is positively arctic so the sweater was totally necessary.

I tend to shy away from mini skirts or anything that shows a significant amount of thigh but this skirt has the perfect amount of flutter when you move (hence all the twirling and frolicking shots) so I was comfortable in it all day. Not to mention the lightweight fabric is totally breathable so it’s perfect during these sweltering hot temps.

The hemline makes it impossible not to feel graceful and romantic when you’re wearing it. Kate Middleton is a fan of similar fluttery hemlines, (seen here via Style & Beauty) making them all the more fashionable this summer! Just be sure to watch out for any gusts of wind as I accidentally may have flashed my tushy to an unsuspecting gentleman while walking to work… sorry sir!

I already have a million ideas about how I want to style this skirt next so be on the look out for remixing posts!

What metallic pieces do you have in your closet? How would you style a fluttery skirt?


7 responses to “Mint Mini

  1. This one is super cute! …. As always! 🙂

    • Dana you are too sweet! Hope you’re hand is on the mend and your floors are shining like the top of the Chrysler Building! Sorry, but I just couldn’t resist the Annie reference!

  2. Very pretty! It is kinda hard dressing this time of year b/c it’s sweltering outside, but frigid in! It looks like you’ve figured it out!

  3. really cute skirt!

    ❤ steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  4. I LOVE a skirt with good flutter! When I’m wearing one I catch myself twirling more than necessary at the office- a twirl out of my chair, a twirl to file a chart… a twirly skirt just feels to good to wear!! You LOOK like you feel fabulous, it shows in your photos. PS, also loving the leopard flats and my office is like a refrigerator too.

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