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oh, hi

Wore Out, Outfit Posts, Leopard Ankle boots, 6pm, Urban Outfitters, Gap, Stowe Mercantile,Vintage Blouse, Wool Shrug Wore Out, Outfit Posts, Leopard Ankle boots, 6pm, Urban Outfitters, Gap, Stowe Mercantile,Vintage Blouse, Wool Shrug Jacket: Stowe Mercantile, Blouse (originally my moms), Necklace c/o 6pm,  Skinnies: Gap, Ankle Boots: Urban Outfitters

Oh hi guy leaning on the hood of your car three parking spaces away. Your tractor beam like stares really made these photos look and feel so natural. I’m not the least bit uncomfortable. I am however kicking myself over the ten extra minutes I spent futzing with my camera in the hopes that you would leave. Not only did you stick around (in fact you were still there when I left) but my camera battery died after these two photos.

All snark aside, I love this look. My mom’s teal blouse and the leopard booties I bought myself for Christmas provide the perfect pops of color and effectively snapped me and my wardrobe out of the winter blahs.

How are you injecting color into your winter wear?

Same Game

Wore Out, Zara Sweater, Casual Winter Wear, How to layer without looking bulky, faux fur vest, military inspired jackets, ELLE Ankle Boots, Wore Out, Zara Sweater, Casual Winter Wear, How to layer without looking bulky, faux fur vest, military inspired jackets, ELLE Ankle Boots, Wore Out, Zara Sweater, Casual Winter Wear, How to layer without looking bulky, faux fur vest, military inspired jackets, ELLE Ankle Boots, Ann Taylor Jacket: The Clothes Exchange, Gifted Faux Fur Vest, Sweater: Zara, Necklace: Battery Street Jeans, Hurley Jeans, Booties & Ring: Kohl’s

Messy winter weather combined with a hectic, pre-holiday schedule has me embracing my go-to look, jeans and a tee. I always come back to this classic American look because I know it works and it’s easy to copy. I’ve been layering this faux fur vest under everything lately, not only is it a great way to add warmth to lightweight jackets but I love the way it looks over the lapels of my blazers and jackets.

How are you staying warm and well dressed?

Chuck T’s

Dollar Store SunniesCardigan & Button-up: Goodwill Leggings: Target, Converse: Gifted, Stone Ring: Kohl’s, Bag: Ebay  Scarf: Gifted

Sometimes a girl just needs to put on her Chucks T’s and take a breath.

Navy & Gold Maxi

Sunglasses: Dollar Store, Scarf & Sweater: Downtown Threads, Necklace: Gifted, Jean Jacket: TJ Maxx, Maxi Dress: Forever 21, Leopard Flats: TargetCasual spring layers at their most comfortable. A jersey maxi dress, a baby soft knit top, fun flats, and a trusty cropped denim jacket make for an outfit that’s as stylish as it is simple. Toss a denim jacket and bold scarf on over a solid maxi dress for an easy breezy spring look that’s great for running errands or a grabbing a brunch with the girls.

what spring staples are you already wearing out?

I know they’re not the right shoes…

but I got excited and had to wear them…Hat: Dirt Chic, Cardigan: Downtown Threads, Gingham Top: Goodwill, Belt: Quarter Life Vintage, Boots: Dear Lucy, Jeans: Hurley (via Plato’s), Jade Bracelet: Gifted, Glass Ring: Northern Lights, Bag: Urban OutfittersSpring, the season where you wake up with snow and it’s 55 and muddy by lunch.  With the varying temperatures in mind I wanted layers that were easy, casual, and worked with my new boots and bag. Dear Lucy was/is/has been having amazing sales on their winter styles and I finally bought the Matt Bernson boots I’ve been ogling for months… just in time for a record breaking spring heatwave.

At least I got to wear them once and luckily I can use my UO bucket bag all summer long, so all is not lost. I’m going to pack my beloved boots away this weekend with the most of my winter wear but I know next fall when I’ve forgotten all about them I unpack them I’ll be just as excited.

What beloved winter pieces have you/are you packing away?

Shoving off

Sunglasses: Dollar Store, Coat: Clothes Exchange, Scarf: Gifted, Bag: ALDO Knit Poncho: TJ Maxx, Gingham Shirt: Goodwill, Jeans: Plato’s Closet Moccasins: Land’s EndA week ago, while the lovely Sammy was guest blogging for me, I was in New York City Harbor waiting to set sail on vacation. I knew it was going to chilly so I made sure to wear layers. My “Sherpa” coat (as D calls it) was a steal for $15 at last year’s Clothes Exchange. It was an XL but after trying it on I realized that if I had the buttons moved and the shoulders taken in a bit that it would fit. The poncho from TJ Maxx was perfect for watching the boat set sail but it was great over my swim suit and cut off shorts after a day of sailing and snorkeling.

I used pops of warm colors to keep this layered look from looking too heavy. These moccasins are one of my favorite pairs of traveling shoes and I love how they worked with my orange ALDO bag and the beautiful scarf from my lovely pen pal Lyndsey!

I have a ton of email and photo uploads to catch up on so stay tuned!

What colors inspired your wardrobe today?

Red Robin

Sunglasses: Dollar Store, Sweater: Gifted, Belt: via Quarter Life Vintage Necklace: Zinnia, Ring: ?, Wrap Skirt: Vintage (originally my mom’s) Tights: Target, Ankle Boots: Old Navy (via Plato’s Closet)My parents and younger sister came to visit last weekend and my mom brought me this wool wrap skirt. My mom started to set aside classic pieces like her camel blazer, silk blouse and this wrap skirt when my sister and I were young and the winds of fashion started to shift.

The good thing about fashion is that trends tend to be cyclical so I’m able to wear the same pieces my mom wore during her late twenties. At first I was worried that the length and thicker material of the skirt would make me look matronly but once I had it on I quickly realized that it when sitting or walking the skirt moves in such a way that it creates a high slit, making me love it even more (especially since high slits are one of fall’s hottest trends).

What pieces from your wardrobe would you like to save/pass on?

Beachy Blues

I don’t know about you but I’m loving the mild “winter” we’ve had so far. D and I have been taking full advantage of the sunny weather and snapped these pictures during a stroll on Leddy Beach in Burlington this past weekend. During the flooding last spring a lot of Leddy Beach was destroyed so it was exciting to see the beach and shoreline back to their natural beauty lass than one year later.

Gingham has been popping up everywhere this spring and is great for pattern mixing so when I found this shirt for $4 I had to have it. Like a lot of my favorite button ups this gingham shirt is from the men’s section at Goodwill. I like wearing larger/looser button ups because the size gives them greater versatility. A long button up can be worn over leggings, under dresses and sweaters or even with sandals and a belt for as sexy mini dress.

To avoid looking bulky in your over-sized button up add a belt or cropped top/jacket that hits the narrowest part of your body to draw the eye in and define your shape. I was going for a more tailored look with this outfit so I layered my gingham shirt under my blazer belted it for a more streamlined silhouette.

Have you added any Gingham pieces to your spring wardrobe? Would you ever wear men’s clothes?

My Life the Comedy

You’ve seen in dozens of movies, a guest of wind plucks an unsuspecting pedestrian’s hat off their head and sends it cartwheeling through the air while said pedestrian proceeds to act a fool trying to chase it down. Yup that was me. Nothing says “Happy Monday!” like a tornado of red hair and cheetah print bobbing and weaving through traffic in hot pursuit of a hat turned Frisbee.

So if you were on Pearl Street this morning you’re welcome for the laugh and don’t worry I caught up with my hat around South Winooski Ave.

When was the last time you laughed at yourself?

Delicate Mullets & Italian Cowboys

I’m still loving this $10 mullet dress from Old Navy. Who knew mullets could could be delicate and feminine? I love the way the dress moves so I tend to sashay from place to place when I wear it… but that’s cool right?

Speaking of being cool… people look at me sideways when I tell them that I picked these short cowboy boots up while living in Florence. Who knew Italian’s could craft such great western wear? They’re one of my favorite pairs of shoes so I was heartbroken when one of the heels completely cracked while D and I were walking home from the bars late one night (D was especially upset as he had to carry me home the rest of the way while I carried my broken boot).

Fortunately there is a killer cobbler in Williston who was able to mend my broken heel and heart. Don’t let the Yelp reviews fool you! If you’re looking for a cobbler with quick turn around time, reasonable prices and boots that come back better than new head to The Town Cobbler in Williston.