Delicate Mullets & Italian Cowboys

I’m still loving this $10 mullet dress from Old Navy. Who knew mullets could could be delicate and feminine? I love the way the dress moves so I tend to sashay from place to place when I wear it… but that’s cool right?

Speaking of being cool… people look at me sideways when I tell them that I picked these short cowboy boots up while living in Florence. Who knew Italian’s could craft such great western wear? They’re one of my favorite pairs of shoes so I was heartbroken when one of the heels completely cracked while D and I were walking home from the bars late one night (D was especially upset as he had to carry me home the rest of the way while I carried my broken boot).

Fortunately there is a killer cobbler in Williston who was able to mend my broken heel and heart. Don’t let the Yelp reviews fool you! If you’re looking for a cobbler with quick turn around time, reasonable prices and boots that come back better than new head to The Town Cobbler in Williston.


10 responses to “Delicate Mullets & Italian Cowboys

  1. very cute, love the cut of the dress!

  2. Oh no! What a sad story about your boot! Glad that you got it fixed! And I love your mullet dress to pieces!

  3. It’s bad that I saw the word “cobbler” and thought we were talking about dessert at first, isn’t it?

  4. Amazing look!! Love that blazer and vest! I have a giveaway on my blog so feel free to join it:)

  5. I like the whole look, the furry vest is beautiful and the mullet dress is a great bargain, looks great on you too!


  6. Nice outfit! I love those booties! Thanks for visiting my blog, it means so much.


  7. You look beautiful. Love the colors!

  8. You look amazing as always. And I agree, the Town Cobbler is great!

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