Chuck T’s

Dollar Store SunniesCardigan & Button-up: Goodwill Leggings: Target, Converse: Gifted, Stone Ring: Kohl’s, Bag: Ebay  Scarf: Gifted

Sometimes a girl just needs to put on her Chucks T’s and take a breath.


10 responses to “Chuck T’s

  1. I love my Chucks! Did you know Chuck Taylor is from my hometown? That concludes your random trivia for the day. 🙂 You look super cute, yet also very comfy – not an easy combo to pull off! Crap, now I really want to go home and put my Chucks on!

    • Chuck Taylor is from your hometown?! That’s awesome, do you have a museum to him or Chuck Taylor St in your town? I’ve got so much going on that taking outfit photos/getting dressed up have been on the back burner lately. Sometimes casual is best.

  2. Great touch of color with the scarf!
    Love the fringed bag!

    • Well thank you! I spent an absurd amount of time hunting down the perfect fringe bag and finally got lucky on ebay!

  3. Love the chucks! My sister just got some adorable red ones for her 15 month old. I. Could. die!

  4. Agreed…beat up jeans and my black Chucks are the way to go for comfort!!
    Love how you are styling your purple kicks!!

  5. HIGH TOPS!!! And purple? I’m dying of jealous rage. I hope I can get over this because I want to stay friends. Mwah!

    You are too cute. Always too cute.

  6. Sometimes you need to wear sneakers! I like the Chuck’s, and the blue scarf.

  7. That chuk’s color it’s so amazing!

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