Red Robin

Sunglasses: Dollar Store, Sweater: Gifted, Belt: via Quarter Life Vintage Necklace: Zinnia, Ring: ?, Wrap Skirt: Vintage (originally my mom’s) Tights: Target, Ankle Boots: Old Navy (via Plato’s Closet)My parents and younger sister came to visit last weekend and my mom brought me this wool wrap skirt. My mom started to set aside classic pieces like her camel blazer, silk blouse and this wrap skirt when my sister and I were young and the winds of fashion started to shift.

The good thing about fashion is that trends tend to be cyclical so I’m able to wear the same pieces my mom wore during her late twenties. At first I was worried that the length and thicker material of the skirt would make me look matronly but once I had it on I quickly realized that it when sitting or walking the skirt moves in such a way that it creates a high slit, making me love it even more (especially since high slits are one of fall’s hottest trends).

What pieces from your wardrobe would you like to save/pass on?

5 responses to “Red Robin

  1. This necklace has my name written all over it (literally, my real name is Robin). I love this look and think it is so cool that your mom saves her clothes for you!

    • Oh this is your necklace than Robin! I got it at a great local jewelry store called Zinnia. They have a sidewalk sale every summer and I always leave with oodles of new accessories!

  2. Wow, very gorgeous. And i love that necklace

  3. I would not have thought that the booties would work with that length of skirt, but they’re just perfect. So is that adorable necklace and the lovely pop of red at the waist.

    You have lovely style. Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could find and follow yours!

  4. LOVE this. very classic and the little red belt totally makes it more fun!


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