My Life the Comedy

You’ve seen in dozens of movies, a guest of wind plucks an unsuspecting pedestrian’s hat off their head and sends it cartwheeling through the air while said pedestrian proceeds to act a fool trying to chase it down. Yup that was me. Nothing says “Happy Monday!” like a tornado of red hair and cheetah print bobbing and weaving through traffic in hot pursuit of a hat turned Frisbee.

So if you were on Pearl Street this morning you’re welcome for the laugh and don’t worry I caught up with my hat around South Winooski Ave.

When was the last time you laughed at yourself?


9 responses to “My Life the Comedy

  1. LOVE this! Seriously, one of my favorite outfits of yours EVER. Nominate yourself for outfit of the week. The color mixing is perfection, and I have to laugh at that story. That is one hat worth chasing! At least we can laugh at ourselves, right? 🙂

  2. LOL that just made my day! Thanks Cait! I love your look today too–especially the mustard colored skirt! We have a Pearl Street here in Boulder too–it’s where the mall is and the hippies hang out. So even though I wasn’t on your Pearl Street, I can imagine you running down ours. This is the best.

  3. You know it’s so much fun to be able to laugh at oneself. Love outfit. Love the color combo.

  4. I like to take photos on the rocks by the lake and I have managed to fall multiple times trying to climb…good thing there is no photographic evidence! Love the neutrals plus the pops of red and blue you have going on here…
    Have a great vacation!

  5. What great colors! I love this outfit!

  6. Those leopard boots are fantastic! I love the rich color combo!

  7. what a great outfit to begin the week, I like the sunny mustard skirt, and all the colors in that outfit, very refreshing! The floppy hat is so chic ….and oh..the boots are so unexpected! You always rock leopard print.


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