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Purple Power

Wore Out, Outfit Posts, J Crew  Cable Knit Sweater, Knit Hats, Camel Blazer, Layering for Winter, Name Necklace, Purple Sweater and ShirtdressWore Out, Outfit Posts, J Crew  Cable Knit Sweater, Knit Hats, Camel Blazer, Layering for Winter, Name Necklace, Purple Sweater and ShirtdressWore Out, Outfit Posts, J Crew  Cable Knit Sweater, Knit Hats, Camel Blazer, Layering for Winter, Name Necklace, Purple Sweater and ShirtdressHat: Urban Outfitters, Blazer from my mom, Name Necklace: Gifted, J.Crew Sweater via clothes swap, Shirtdress: Gap, Tights: The Sox Market, Booties: Forever 21

Growing up one of my mom’s friends always told me that I was “destine for greatness” and to get there I had to embrace my power color, purple. My grandiose destiny aside I was pleasantly surprised that the two purple pieces in my wardrobe worked together. Paired with my name necklace and camel blazer and booties it had a Clueless meets 16 Candles, girly, prep school vibe that seemed like the perfect way to brighten up a grey day.

What color/pieces in your wardrobe make you feel powerful and beautiful? 

Stairwell Shirtdress

Dollar Store Sunglasses, Blazer: Saver’s, Shirt Dress: Gap, Tights: The Sox Market, Socks: ?, Frye Boots (hand-me-down from Mom), Amber RingI warned you you’d be seeing this shirtdress a lot and here it is again. I added tights, scrunched knee socks, and a blazer to keep it seasonally appropriate and the hand-me-down Frye Boots from my mom added the perfect personal touch.

What pieces from your wardrobe have you remixed lately?

Brew Fest… two weeks later

Dollar Store Sunnies, Sheer Shirtdress: Kmart, Tank Dress: TJ Maxx, Ring: GILT, Bag: ALDO, Gold Sandals: Goodwill We’ve been spoiled by a series of amazing Saturdays. Last Saturday we were eating lobster and getting day drunk on Cape Cod and two Saturdays ago (when these pictures were taken) we were at the Vermont Brewer’s Festival. We attended the Saturday evening session which was quite warm. I kept cool in a sheer shirtdress with a fun print over a simple black tank dress and cheap sandals (the grassy/hilly area where the festival is held makes navigating in heels a challenge).

I had the best time people watching at brew fest. Some folks were dressed up as if attending a sailing regatta while others arrived in bathing suits, tees, and neon sunglasses. D wore his favorite Buffalo Bills shirt and all night people were coming over to us proclaiming their love for Buffalo and all things Bills. It was a hilarious and wonderful evening to say the least.

How are you spending your summer?

Are These Pockets?

Dollar Store Sunglasses, Blazer: Silence + Noise (via Urban Outfitters),  Silk Shirtdress: The Clothes Exchange, Belt: Forver 21, Heels: TJ Maxx Party Parot – Iris Apfel for MACI’m not sure what’s going on with the err… pockets. They’re drapey, right over my boobs, and with the vertical stripes look somewhat like eyes. I’m not sure how to explain them or their purpose but they’re growing on me… sort of.

While I’m still figuring out how to best accessorize these odd pockets I’m loving the night shirt type cut and comfort offered by this 100% silk shirtdress. I found it at the Clothes Exchange shop first event last month and decided to try it on just for laughs, but once I had it on I realized it didn’t look as bizarre as I’d expected. The boob pockets still don’t make sense to me but I like the fit of the dress so I’m willing to take a chance and figure it out as I go.

What pieces in your wardrobe are you still figuring out? How would address these particular pockets?

Precipitation may Vary

Sometimes all it takes to turn a rainy, hectic day around is a great lunch date.

This is exactly what happened when my friend Nicole and I caught up over lunch at Magnolia Bistro. After a heaping plate of Huevos Con Diablo (my favorite) and lots of laughter I managed to talk Nicole into photographing and guest staring in another lunch date outfit post!

The last time Nicole appeared in a Wore Out outfit post it was snowing, so it seemed fitting that when we met for lunch this week it poured rain. On Nicole:  Cardigan, Dress, & Flats: Target, Necklace: Lia Sophia.

I love the navy and mustard color combination Nicole is wearing. Both  colors are bright and bold while being somewhat neutral striking a complimentary balance. Nicole’s outfit is effortlessly chic and perfect for transitioning from a day at the office to post work drinks with the girls.

Trench Coat: Forever 21, Shirt Dress: The Clothes Exchange Pop-up Shop, Belt (taken from H&M tunic), Speckled Ring: Kohl’s, Wellies: Dick’s, Earrings: Savannah, GA

When I found this pinstriped shirt dress at The Clothes Exchange I somewhat confused. There were two, belt sized holes through either side of the dress but no belt. After trying various techniques I decided my best option was to put the middle of the belt around my back and feed the ends of the belt through the dress, crossing them in front and tying them in bow. I ended up liking the gathered look that resulted but plan on experimenting more with other belt/ruching options. Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated!

What new colors and/or pieces are you experimenting with this spring?

Perhaps I Should Have Worn Pants

Sunglasses: Greece, Leopard Lined Trench: Etsy, Shirtdress: T.J Maxx, Tights: Target, Booties: Nine West (I have them in black too)Dear Mother Nature,

Thank you for this blissful weather! The unseasonably warm temperatures and sunny skies have not gone unnoticed, in fact everyone is talking about it! Just as I started to unpack my wool socks and hats the sun came out and the mercury hasn’t stopped rising! Sixty and sunny are normally foreign words to Vermonters in November.

To show my appreciation for the wonderful weather you’re bestowing on my adopted home state I decided to forgo pants this morning! My shearling lined booties (so glad I bought them in black and brown) and the faux leopard lined trench kept me warm enough so pants really would have been overkill. In hindsight while it kept me nice and cozy my trench may have caused some to mistake me for a flasher… guess that’s way they say hindsight is 20/20.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a little note and say thanks for the sunshine because as far as I’m concerned fall weather just doesn’t get any better.


Caitlin of Burlington, Vermont

I had a Dream I Wore This to Graceland

Dress: T.J. Maxx, Bracelet: Gifted, Booties: Bamboo (via Amazon)

What would you wear to Graceland?

Does This Vest Make my Ass Look Like a Yeti?

The vest in question

The closest I’ll ever come to pole dancing

Sunnies: Market in Florence, Italy

Earrings: Thrifted

Faux Fur Vest: Gifted (thanks Mom!)

Shirtdress: T.J. Maxx

Tights: Target

Shoes: Steve Madden (via TJ Maxx)

The notorious faux fur flasher!

This is one of my favorite outfits! It’s so comfortable, and I’m a sucker for the military inspired gold button detailing on the shirtdress. Some of my favorite go to pieces for the spring/summer are shirtdresses. Classic and conservative enough to be worn to the office with a blazer and booties, but fun enough to wear with a pair of wedges and a great metallic clutch for a casual night on the town.

I wore this to lunch with my amazing friend Amanda. She’s a redhead too; which might explain why everyone is always mistaking us for sisters, even though we don’t really look that much alike. I had her snap these photos in the alley behind the restaurant which turned into a total laugh fest, (as usual).

The patented laugh and stomp move

We grabbed lunch at The Pacific Rim in Burlington and were both upset to learn that they were closing (their lease is up on Sat!). Fingers crossed they’ll reopen soon because their spicy shrimp cakes and Japanese eggplants are delicious!

Grr! It’s the yeti fashionista!

Last night while I was uploading the pictures for this post D looked over and burst out laughing when he saw my vest. “You look like a Yeti babe,” he teased. This quip had me thinking about something that Steffy from Steffy’s Pros and Cons wrote about in her Black Lamp Shade post… sometimes boys, no matter how amazing they are, just don’t get it.

So what do you think, does this vest make me look like a Yeti? What pieces do you wear that other people don’t get?