today I’m feeling country bumpkin, tomorrow who knows

Dollar Store Sunnies, Vintage Cardigan: Downtown Threads, Shirtdress: Gap, Frye Boots, Ring: stolen from my sister GiftedMy style is always changing so I love pieces that can adapt and so far this sweet plaid shirtdress isn’t having any trouble keeping up. It’s got a  little bit of a country bumpkin vibe going on with the boots and oversized vintage knit that feels perfect for fall.

That being said I just could have easily played up the preppy side of this dress with a school boy cardigan and oxfords or gone for a vampy school girl vibe with boots, a chic collar necklace, and a moto jacket. Bottom line this is one versatile piece and I plan on wearing it till the snow flies… and possibly beyond.

Does your style change from day to day or do you have a signature style that you stick with?



22 responses to “today I’m feeling country bumpkin, tomorrow who knows

  1. Cute dress! Redheads always look good in purple 🙂 I think I stick to one certain style, but my taste ranges day to day… I can be so indecisive!

    • I’m still getting used to how bright the purple and pink plaid print is! It looked much darker in the store but I’m happy it’s so bright

  2. i love a versatile dress! especially when it becomes a go-to outfit choice — makes getting dressed a whole lot easier! can’t wait to see the other ways you transform this dress xo

  3. Love this shirt dress! I love the way you styled it too! Can’t wait to see you style it differently. It’s so versatile!

    • I can’t wait to wear it with my moto jacket! If I could have gotten away with it I would worn this shirtdress two days in a row!

  4. Oh the possibilities! I love this laid back country vibe though and I love the color of this shirtdress! I can’t wait to see all the ways you style it Cait!

    • You’ll be seeing a lot of this dress Robin, and the best part is that it was on sale plus an extra 40% off! Always wonderful!

  5. That dress is too cute – love this outfit!

  6. Thanks so much for the compliment on my light house photos! It was a really fun place near by to take photos! I have to say that I am totally digging your country vibe, especially the dollar store sunnies! I love an inexpensive find! Oh and thanks for the other styling possibilities for a shirt dress!


    • Nico, I bought these dollar store sunnines on a whim and I wear them non stop (as you can tell flipping back through my outfit photos). I was shocked and so happy that these survived the whole summer.

  7. (I just “liked” you on facebook too! excited for updates!)


  8. I love the addition of an oversized cardigan…they’re so classicly great!


  9. My poor clothes never know what is going on because I am also constantly trying to do different things. Hehe. I think it’s how we keep things fresh and exciting, right? Because otherwise we’re just crazy.

    • I love switching my looks up Sarah, that’s what I love about fashion. One day you can be punk and the other you can be prep and everything in between!

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