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Pleats and Low Maintenance Summer Hair

Sunglasses & Ring: Charlotte Russe, Silk Tank: Old Navy, Necklace: Forever 21, Skirt: Quarter Life Vintage, Sandals: Payless

This floral print pleated skirt used to be a vintage dress that I won from the lovely Sammy of Sammy Davis Vintage and Lisa of Quarter Life Vintage. Since the dress was a bit too large for me I took it to my amazing tailor Christine* and she was turned it into the perfect easy, breezy summer skirt. I just wish I’d had the foresight to snap a few before and after pictures.

My wardrobe isn’t the only thing I prefer “easy breezy” in the summertime. Since we’re active and outdoors for most of the summer my hair and makeup routine is the last thing I want to worry about which means more often than not I’m letting my hair air dry instead of blowing it out and straightening it and going fresh faced minus a few swipes of mascara and lipstick.

To tame my wild mass of curly hair I run a small amount of  Moroccan Oil through my hair after I get out of the shower and dry it just enough so my hair is damp not wet.  Once partially dry I twist my hair into a bun at the nape of my neck and let it air dry (like above). When my hair is completely dry (not only does Moroccan Oil help control frizz and flyaways but it also cuts drying time way down) I carefully untwist and shake out it out and am left with soft, beachy curls.

Does your wardrobe/beauty routine change in the summer?

*if you’re in the Burlington area and looking for a wonderful tailor/seamstress let me know and I’ll email you Christine’s contact info

Chuck T’s

Dollar Store SunniesCardigan & Button-up: Goodwill Leggings: Target, Converse: Gifted, Stone Ring: Kohl’s, Bag: Ebay  Scarf: Gifted

Sometimes a girl just needs to put on her Chucks T’s and take a breath.

Burlington City Marathon Love

Mac is wearing: J Crew shorts and tee with converse high tops Rebecca is wearing: J Crew scarf, sandals, & top with a Gap maxi skirtReady to run!

After weeks of training my good friends Mac and Rebecca are running the Burlington City Marathon. D and I are going to try and set up a cheering section for these guys somewhere along the Bikepath.

The best part is we’ll be able to track Mac and Rebecca as they run the course and so can you! Simply visit this website and enter the name or bib number of the race participant you want to track. Mac’s wearing bib #2482 and Rebecca is bib #2477.

Good luck to all of the athletes participating in this weekend’s events and have a wonderful weekend!

May Flowers & Showers

Scarf: Gift from the lovely Lyndsey of Chicesque, Trench: Forever 21, Striped Blouse: Talbots (via Goodwill),  Lace Pants: Urban Outfitters, Thrifted Necklace, Bracelets: Florence, Italy, Heels: Target,  Jaguar Ring: GILTThe more I wear them the more I love these high waisted lace pants from Urban. Paired with my new favorite blouse and snakeskin heels I was mixing not only textures but patterns. I’ve been stepping outside my fashion comfort zone a lot more recently and not only has it been fun but in a way it’s been freeing. Shaking it up and taking some risks with your wardrobe choices is a great way to keep your style fresh and fun.

James from Downtown Threads* snapped these photos for me and managed to capture a few shots of the tree blossoms being carried by the wind. Not only was it beautiful but the blooms smelled amazing. Just another one of beautiful signs of spring that have been popping up all over Burlington.

What signs of spring have you been seeing? When was the last time you stepped outside your fashion comfort zone?

*Speaking of Downtown Threads, I’m guest posting on their website today about mixing florals into your wardrobe!

Carol Maguire Casual

Hat: Gifted, Scarf (worn as top): Carol Maguire Home (seen here) Sunglasses: Dollar Store, DIY Distressed Cutoffs, Sandals: Target This past weekend Burlington was blessed with two days of gorgeous sunshine and D and I made sure to take full advantage. Sunday we spent the morning in our little garden and in the afternoon we headed to Leddy Beach for some afternoon napping/sunbathing. Our afternoon beach adventure provided the prefect opportunity to wear my new DIY distressed cutoffs (full DIY post here).

To balance out my distressed boyfriend jean cutoffs I wanted something a bit more form fitting and feminine. After trying on a few other options I decided that wearing my peony printed Carol Maguire Home scarf as a top was perfect. I simply folded the square scarf in half and tied it over my bandeau bathing suit top. It turned out to be a wonderful beach cover-up and since it’s machine washable I just tossed it in the laundry when we got home.

Are you heading to the beach for Memorial Day weekend? What beachwear/cover up are you packing?

Weekend Snapshots

It was a beautiful weekend in Burlington and D and I took full advantage of it. We did some putting around in the garden, spent an afternoon lazing in the park with friends, and just enjoyed the sunny weather and each others company. It was perfect.

Detail shot from an upcoming outfit post

Finally got a chance to use the Totes bag I thrifted for $1.99!  It folds up into the size of a clutch when you’re not using it and holds a full brown paper grocery bag. It made bringing all of our picnic supplies to the park easy!

Refreshingly simple white wine spritzer with frozen blueberries

A friend’s Green Lantern ring that made me seriously jealous

Beautiful blooms in a Burlington Garden

Our contribution to the potluck picnic in the park (which must have weighed at least three pounds!)

The tree house at Oakledge park

How was your weekend?

All photos taken with instagram, for more be sure to follow me (@WoreOut)

What’s New Pussy Cat

Sunglasses: Dollar Store, Dress: H&M, Pumps: Steve Madden

Saturday D and I spent the day in Montreal and since Burlington is less than 100 miles from this cosmopolitan Canadian city it makes a perfect day trip. While we were there I popped into H&M and this colorful cut-out dress was one of my purchases. I am such a cat lady at heart I couldn’t resist when I saw the dresses print. Some of the cats have different colored heads and tails, giving them a certain Frankenstein vibe.

I wore this with fun feline frock to work and out to lunch with friends. When I was in the office I had a black blazer on but it was such a nice day that I shed it as soon as I stepped outside. I love Burlington this time of year. There’s always something going on: the farmer’s market on the weekends, the annual Church Street Sidewalk Sale, tons of concerts on the waterfront, and of course Brewfest.

what summer fun are you looking forward too?

Pastel Picnic

Floral Scarf: H&M, Blouse: Ralph Lauren, Skirt: Downtown Threads, Tights: Target, Rose Ring: Charlotte Russe, Booties: Forever 21I know I’ve been wearing this scarf a lot but it’s hard not to when the floral print almost mirrors Vermont’s lush spring landscape. Spring is a fresh, bright, and colorfully time of year and it only seems right that your spring wardrobe reflects that.

That being said I feel like my plum tights weighed this otherwise bright look down. I thought the plum would be a brighter alternative to brown or black tights but they were still too dark against the mostly pastel color palette. I hate to admit it but maybe it’s time that I invest in nude stockings a la Kate Middleton style… then again nude tights remind me of when I was a little and my mom made me wear them with uncomfortably flouncy dresses for holiday photos. I guess you could say I’m still on the fence.

Where do you weigh in on tights, stockings, and hose? 

Wordless Wednesday… but with words

A tip from Lucy Dog: Life’s too short to miss out on sunny days.

I know they’re not the right shoes…

but I got excited and had to wear them…Hat: Dirt Chic, Cardigan: Downtown Threads, Gingham Top: Goodwill, Belt: Quarter Life Vintage, Boots: Dear Lucy, Jeans: Hurley (via Plato’s), Jade Bracelet: Gifted, Glass Ring: Northern Lights, Bag: Urban OutfittersSpring, the season where you wake up with snow and it’s 55 and muddy by lunch.  With the varying temperatures in mind I wanted layers that were easy, casual, and worked with my new boots and bag. Dear Lucy was/is/has been having amazing sales on their winter styles and I finally bought the Matt Bernson boots I’ve been ogling for months… just in time for a record breaking spring heatwave.

At least I got to wear them once and luckily I can use my UO bucket bag all summer long, so all is not lost. I’m going to pack my beloved boots away this weekend with the most of my winter wear but I know next fall when I’ve forgotten all about them I unpack them I’ll be just as excited.

What beloved winter pieces have you/are you packing away?