Pastel Picnic

Floral Scarf: H&M, Blouse: Ralph Lauren, Skirt: Downtown Threads, Tights: Target, Rose Ring: Charlotte Russe, Booties: Forever 21I know I’ve been wearing this scarf a lot but it’s hard not to when the floral print almost mirrors Vermont’s lush spring landscape. Spring is a fresh, bright, and colorfully time of year and it only seems right that your spring wardrobe reflects that.

That being said I feel like my plum tights weighed this otherwise bright look down. I thought the plum would be a brighter alternative to brown or black tights but they were still too dark against the mostly pastel color palette. I hate to admit it but maybe it’s time that I invest in nude stockings a la Kate Middleton style… then again nude tights remind me of when I was a little and my mom made me wear them with uncomfortably flouncy dresses for holiday photos. I guess you could say I’m still on the fence.

Where do you weigh in on tights, stockings, and hose? 


6 responses to “Pastel Picnic

  1. Grey is a great alternative to brown and black. Nude is all wrong on every level.

    • So glad I’m not the only one with a total aversion to nude tights! I’ll have to see if I can hunt up a pair of light grey tights, they would be perfect under spring dresses.

  2. Definitely go for nude stockings. I love them – I can wear skirts and dresses even when I don’t shave my leggings! 🙂

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