Carol Maguire Casual

Hat: Gifted, Scarf (worn as top): Carol Maguire Home (seen here) Sunglasses: Dollar Store, DIY Distressed Cutoffs, Sandals: Target This past weekend Burlington was blessed with two days of gorgeous sunshine and D and I made sure to take full advantage. Sunday we spent the morning in our little garden and in the afternoon we headed to Leddy Beach for some afternoon napping/sunbathing. Our afternoon beach adventure provided the prefect opportunity to wear my new DIY distressed cutoffs (full DIY post here).

To balance out my distressed boyfriend jean cutoffs I wanted something a bit more form fitting and feminine. After trying on a few other options I decided that wearing my peony printed Carol Maguire Home scarf as a top was perfect. I simply folded the square scarf in half and tied it over my bandeau bathing suit top. It turned out to be a wonderful beach cover-up and since it’s machine washable I just tossed it in the laundry when we got home.

Are you heading to the beach for Memorial Day weekend? What beachwear/cover up are you packing?


5 responses to “Carol Maguire Casual

  1. Oh sunbathing, how I have missed you!! I love how you made that scarf a great top – it looks so fabulous on you! And you’re rocking that fedora. I need a straw fedora in my wardrobe!

  2. UGH lucky…. I spent Saturday working and Sunday inside. This weekend, though, I’ll be in Albany soaking up the sun!

  3. Love your beach look! Great idea balancing the cutoffs with the girlie top!! It is supposed to be warm here this weekend so I might just have to take the boys to the beach!!

  4. Fabulous idea! I just found out that I’ll have off on Memorial Day! I can’t wait but I’m not sure what I’m going to do…

    • Yay! So glad you’ll have time to enjoy the holiday weekend J! Hopefully the weather cooperates for you!

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