Big Hair; Big Romance

Happy Valentine’s Day All!

I chuckled to myself a few weeks ago when Steffy left me a comment asking if my hair was naturally wavy… girl you have no idea. Thank goodness I have such cute hats! Speaking of cute hats this is one of my favorites. I spent months lusting after pricey ones and then on a whim I stopped into Dirt Chic, a local consignment shop, and there on one of the rounders was this hat. I know I could have saved myself a lot of time and longing if I’d just bought a similarly styled hat but I doubt I would love it as much as I love this hat.

What pieces have you spent months searching for? How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?


4 responses to “Big Hair; Big Romance

  1. You look adorable! Love the hair!!!

  2. I love your big hair! : ) Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. OMG. See, now I’m double jealous. I not only have to DYE my hair red, I have to WORK to get my hair wavy. You lucky, lucky girl.

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