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an almost wordless Wednesday

Wore Out, Vermont Photography, Lake Champlain in Winter, Perkins Pier in Burlington, Lake Champlain Waterfront, Winter in Vermont, Fog over Lake Champlain, Frosted Pilings Wore Out, Vermont Photography, Lake Champlain in Winter, Perkins Pier in Burlington, Lake Champlain Waterfront, Winter in Vermont, Fog over Lake Champlain, Frosted Pilings Wore Out, Vermont Photography, Lake Champlain in Winter, Perkins Pier in Burlington, Lake Champlain Waterfront, Winter in Vermont, Fog over Lake Champlain, Frosted Pilings Wore Out, Vermont Photography, Lake Champlain in Winter, Perkins Pier in Burlington, Lake Champlain Waterfront, Winter in Vermont, Fog over Lake Champlain, Frosted Pilings I feel privileged to live in a place that’s inspiring even when it’s shrouded in fog

Dawn of a Beautiful Day

I’m not a morning person and I’m definitely no Pollyanna, but it struck me as I was editing these early morning photos from last weekend that every day starts out beautiful. The rest is on us.

Wore Out’s Look of the Week

This week felt like a marathon! I started with a Doris Day inspired look, I rocked neon and nautical, I finally got around to wearing these and I twirled my way through a crummy day.

I’m really excited because tonight is Brewfest in Burlington! It’s my first year going and I can’t wait. The event is held under massive tents right on the waterfront in downtown Burlington and tonight’s weather is looking pretty darn perfect. I can’t wait to get my beer drinking on!

Speaking of exciting events, Wore Out’s Look of the Week is…

Veronika of Tick Tock VintageTik Tock Vintage was one of the first style blogs I followed and Veronika’s style, positive attitude and enthusiasm always keeps me coming back for more. It’s inspiring to see someone with such a clear sense of style especially when that style is as effortless as Veronika’s.

One of the things that inspires me most about Veronika’s style is that the majority of the accessories and clothes she posts about are thrifted, self made or expertly re-imagined; like the massive suede skirt she turned into an envelope clutch… that she’s now giving away!

I’m having serious jealousy issues, I want this ring! I love how adding small personal touches, like this ring, quickly transforms this look from a simple jean skirt and white tee into a chic, timeless outfit.

Make sure to stop by Tick Tock Vintage often to see Veronika’s latest looks, DIY projects and much more. You can also catch up with her over at the Delightful Dozen, an amazing blog where a dozen of the web’s most stylish ladies connect and share what they’re loving, wearing and dieing to add to their closet.

What blogs inspire you? What are your weekend plans?

Friday Finery & Frivolities: Rethinking and Refocusing

Thursday almost killed me, thank Buddha it’s Friday!

Not only was this week super busy but it’s been a total rain fest in Burlington with only brief moments of sunshine. This week I shared my secrets on how I get D to eat my favorite super food. I beat the rainy day blues by bringing inspiration to life in what turned out to be my favorite post to date. I avoided dragging my new skirt by making it high-waisted, I got my shop on for a great local cause and dressed up like a nautical milkmaid. I told you it was a busy week!

I’ve been wrestling with the idea of changing up my Friday Blogging Finery & Fashion Friviolities post. I’m not really loving the format and it’s not really accomplishing what I wanted it too. It feels too cluttered and unfocused. So while I rethink and ponder my options for filling my Friday posting slot I’ve decided to feature a Look of the Week. I tell you who’s wearing it and why I’m loving it .

Wore Out’s Look of the Week for May 20thErin of Work with What You’ve Got!

Erin has a fearless style that she carries (and pulls off) with effortless grace. Her blog is constantly providing me with inspiration and new perspective. When I saw this post I knew I had to share it with!

I’m loving the print of this shirt and how she created a western inspired outfit that wasn’t hokey or kitschy (not that either of those are bad things.) Her on trend neutral wedges go perfectly with the tones in her shirt and her fringe bag (which I am epically jealous of) is the icing on top of this wonderfully western look!

A close up of the ah-mazing print

Be sure to stop by Work with What You’ve Got and check out all of Erin’s ensembles, I promise you wont be disappointed!

Do you love Erin’s pony printed top as much as I do? What would you like to see me post about on Friday’s?

Flora & Fauna

I remember seeing an interview with Barbra Streisand a few years ago where she talked about how she  used the layout and colors in her garden as inspiration for the interior design and decor of her home. Babs’s diva status aside, I can relate to wanting to emulate mother nature’s beauty in our everyday lives.

I took these photos in Arlington National Cemetery last week when everything was in bloom, it couldn’t have been more beautiful! The flowers in Burlington have just started to bud and hopefully the amount of May flowers we get will be proportionate to all the April showers we’ve endured.

 The deep reds and pinks of the tulips looked so rich against the whitewashed brick and muted lavender of the lilacs that were about to bloom. I was so inspired that I used this color palette to put together a casual springtime look and a spring evening look.

Perfect for a casual lunch date or an afternoon  spin on your bike ~

Starting at the Top, Clockwise from Left to Right
United Bamboo Sheer Striped Tank, Central Park West Blazer, LuLu’s Necklace, TOPSHOP Skirt, Poppie Jones Wristlet, J. Campbell Wedges
Just Right for a Night Out on the Town or a Spring Wedding~
Clockwise from Left to Right
JCrew Evie Dress, Annarita N. Blazer, Vintage Beaded Clutch,
Kate Spade Bangle, Melissa Patchuli Peep Toe
Would you wear either of these looks?
What colors are you mixing into your wardrobe now that spring is here?
Where do you find inspiration for your looks/style?

Friday Finery & Frivolities: Face Hunter Edition

A huge thank you to all those who left inspiring, encouraging and downright sweet comments in response to my post yesterday about struggling with self doubt.

This week I caught you all up on my weekend adventures and outfits in Stumpin Around. I showed off my Lolita inspired look in Heart for Eyes, shared my self doubts (and smokin hot peep toe booties) in a Pippy Longstocking inspired post and shared my frustrations with Burlington’s less than spring like weather with  Rain is the new Snow.

Yesterday I wrote about how I was worried that I was slipping into a fashion slump because I’d been feeling uninspired and just pretty blah. Well my fashion outlook changed this morning when I came across an amazing photograph from Face Hunter; this week’s Blogging Finery – 4/15/2011!

“Eye Candy for the Style Hungry” – Face Hunter

Face Hunter is blog dedicated to finding and capturing stunning street style looks from all over the world. Yvan Rodic is the man behind the lens and the Face Hunter. Rodic’s been snapping pictures of drool-worthy street style since 2006 and is credited with catapulting the street style blogging movement into the mainstream spotlight.  His reputation for beautiful photography combined with an impeccable eye for fashion has landed him work with fashion powerhouses like Vouge Italy, GQ, and The SundanceFilm Channel’s Full Frontal Fashion magazine.  Today no fashion week is complete without Rodic’s presence. Appearing on Face Hunter not only is a personal dream but a sure sign that you’re style is killin it.

The above photograph was snapped in New York and featured on Face Hunter this morning. The second I saw it a fresh breeze swept in and pulled me out of my fashion rut. I love everything about this outfit. The mix of floral and animal prints works/clashes perfectly with the bright red belt and electric blue blazer. The accessories she choose are pretty stunning as well. If you’re like me and can’t wait to recreate this look you’re in luck!

Fashion Frivolities – 4/15/2011

Clockwise From Left to Right:
Moto Jacket
Slim Red Belt
Red Straw Clutch
Turquoise Ring
Clockwise from Left to Right

Would you mix floral and animal prints? What inspires your outfits?