Hearts for Eyes

Lolita Shades: Downtown Threads, Scarf: Downtown Threads,

Jacket: TJ Maxx, Maxi Dress: TJ Maxx, Flats: Target

yeah… it was windy

For a simple outfit it’s got a lot going on! Lets start from the top down; I’m in love with these sunglasses! When I heard Downtown Threads was getting them I immediately began planning Lolita inspired summer outfits. Ever since I saw the movie poster for this iconic Kubrick film I’ve been in love with these glasses. I was so happy when they came in the day before D and I headed to Maine. I wore them all weekend (much to D’s embarrassment I’m sure).

One of the hottest trends this spring and summer is the maxi dress. I’ve been a fan of these breezy, easy to accessorize dresses for years! The thing I love most about maxi dresses is how put together they make you look. Running errands around town then meeting friends for brunch? Toss on a maxi dress and some gladiator sandals for a casual chic look or dress it up with metallic wedges and statement jewelry for a fun date night  or cocktails with the girls!

Where are you wearing your maxi this summer? How do you take a maxi from day to night?


8 responses to “Hearts for Eyes

  1. lovely glasses, and such a cute dress for the beach!

    ❤ steffy
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  2. So gorgeous! Love the way you styled this perfect black maxi!
    xo Cara

  3. You look great! I have a bright yellow maxi dress that I got last summer that I fully intend to break out again once it gets really warm, whether I’m stuck in Chicago or back home near the ocean.

  4. REALLY cute look! LOVE the glasses!

  5. ok, top down: those sunglasses are so fun! love how you paired echoed the purple in the scarf with the flats, and I’m a huge fan of your denim jacket over the dress- that’s one I am definitely going to try soon! These pics are great, the location is gorgeous.

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