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Flora & Fauna

I remember seeing an interview with Barbra Streisand a few years ago where she talked about how she  used the layout and colors in her garden as inspiration for the interior design and decor of her home. Babs’s diva status aside, I can relate to wanting to emulate mother nature’s beauty in our everyday lives.

I took these photos in Arlington National Cemetery last week when everything was in bloom, it couldn’t have been more beautiful! The flowers in Burlington have just started to bud and hopefully the amount of May flowers we get will be proportionate to all the April showers we’ve endured.

 The deep reds and pinks of the tulips looked so rich against the whitewashed brick and muted lavender of the lilacs that were about to bloom. I was so inspired that I used this color palette to put together a casual springtime look and a spring evening look.

Perfect for a casual lunch date or an afternoon  spin on your bike ~

Starting at the Top, Clockwise from Left to Right
United Bamboo Sheer Striped Tank, Central Park West Blazer, LuLu’s Necklace, TOPSHOP Skirt, Poppie Jones Wristlet, J. Campbell Wedges
Just Right for a Night Out on the Town or a Spring Wedding~
Clockwise from Left to Right
JCrew Evie Dress, Annarita N. Blazer, Vintage Beaded Clutch,
Kate Spade Bangle, Melissa Patchuli Peep Toe
Would you wear either of these looks?
What colors are you mixing into your wardrobe now that spring is here?
Where do you find inspiration for your looks/style?