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on the horizion

Wore Out, Vermont Fashion, Winter to spring transition, Burlington Waterfront, Lake Champlain, Colored Denim, Vintage Knits, Casual Friday, Oxford WedgesSunnies: stolen from D, Vintage Knit: The Get Up, Jeans: PacSun, Wedges: Forever 21

As the esteemed Mr. Rogers would say, yesterday was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. It was sunny in the mid 40s (which felt downright balmy) and the scent and sounds of spring were everywhere. I scooted out and took a nice long walk on my lunch break and soaked up as much vitamin D as I could. I ended up walking along the lake and was astounded at how other worldly the beaches looked covered in peaks of snow and ice. Unfortunately this was the only photo I was able to take before my camera battery died (insert forehead palm slap here) but in a way it’s fitting as there are a lot of exciting things on the horizon for me both personally and professionally.

what are you looking forward to?

Tied Down

Wore Out, Vermont Fashion, Menswear Inspired Outfit, Women wearing Ties, Jeffrey Campbell Boots, Vintage Leather Handbag, Paisley Print Accessories, High Waisted Jeans, Colored Denim, Womens Suit, Sunnies: Charlotte Russe, Britches of Georgetowne Blazer: Savers, Paisley Tie and Blouse: Goodwill, Ring: GILT, Bag: Originally my Grandmother’s, High-Waisted Jeans: Urban Outfitters, Jeffrey Campbell Boot Camp Booties Wore Out, Vermont Fashion, Menswear Inspired Outfit, Women wearing Ties, Jeffrey Campbell Boots, Vintage Leather Handbag, Paisley Print Accessories, High Waisted Jeans, Colored Denim, Womens Suit, Wore Out, Vermont Fashion, Menswear Inspired Outfit, Women wearing Ties, Jeffrey Campbell Boots, Vintage Leather Handbag, Paisley Print Accessories, High Waisted Jeans, Colored Denim, Womens Suit, Wore Out, Vermont Fashion, Menswear Inspired Outfit, Women wearing Ties, Jeffrey Campbell Boots, Vintage Leather Handbag, Paisley Print Accessories, High Waisted Jeans, Colored Denim, Womens Suit,  Jaguar Ring, Gold Jaguar RingWore Out, Vermont Fashion, Menswear Inspired Outfit, Women wearing Ties, Jeffrey Campbell Boots, Vintage Leather Handbag, Paisley Print Accessories, High Waisted Jeans, Colored Denim, Womens Suit, I was worried that I would look too costumey in a blazer and tie so I added a few me touches and ended up with something I could see Outside Providence‘s Jane Weston wearing to class.

The chambray shirt as the casual counterpart to the smart navy blazer and high-waisted dusty pink jeans that scream 70’s high school “it” girl (think the Senior girls in Dazed and Confused). I rounded this look out with a mix of accessories, old and new favorites, and learned that my style comfort zone has expanded further than I ever thought it would.

What pieces have expanded your style horizons? 

Lumberjack Lookalike

Knit Hat: F21, BB Dakota Jacket: UO, Dollar Store Sunnies Gifted Faux Fur Vest, Boy’s Polo: Saver’s,  Jeans: Gap, Socks:Boots: Nine WestI am surprised by how much I like this look. In a way it’s almost a caricature of early winter in New England with the flannel, knits, and wool socks peeking out from shearling ankle boots. The faux fur vest and colored denim add modern elements and helped take the overall outfit from “antique alpine” to “alpine chic”.

What outfits have surprised you lately?

Big Girl Heels.

Knit Hat: UO, Jacket: Wilson’s Leather, Sweater: Zara, Jeans: Gap, Skull Ring: Vending Machine, Heels: ALDO

Yet another modified version of jeans and a tee, my go to outfit. Since this is such a simple look I added texture with the knit hat and leather jacket and a pop of color with my wild print ALDO heels. I was on the fence about buying these heels (the print reminded me of an early 90’s track suit a neighbor used to have) until two little girls shopping with their mom told me they liked my “big girl shoes” and just like that I was sold.

What helps you decide when you’re on the fence about a purchase?

Ruffles up Front

Dollar Store Sunnies, Scarf: Carol Maguire Home, Jacket: Wilsons Leather, Blouse: Goodwill, Belt: Target, Jeans: Gap, Heels: ALDOHave I mentioned how much I love this jacket? For the chillier mornings it’s warm and windproof without being bulky. To keep the look from being too dark I added a pop of coral with my Carol Maguire Home peony scarf and ALDO heels. This outfit is just another riff on my favorite look, jeans and a tee. Blue ankle length pants in lieu of traditional jeans, a ruffle front blouse a feminine twist on the white tee, and a leopard belt for fun.

What’s your favorite look to recreate with new pieces?

Peachy Keen

Sunnies & Tank: Charlotte Russe, Sweater: Shalom Shuk, Bag: Goodwill, Jeans & Platform Peeptoes: UO, Gifted Bracelet & NecklaceThere’s an inherent confidence that comes with a wearing a great fitting pair of jeans. The second you slide them over your hips and button them up you can feel the swagger in your step. Paired with a peachy knit and simple tank I let my inner 70’s siren soar in these flares and damn did it feel good.

what pieces give you swagger and make you soar?

The Former & Later

Dollar Store Sunglasses, Crop Top: Downtown Threads, Bag: ALDO, Coral Skinnies: Pac Sun, Skull Ring: Vending Machine, Sandals: GoodwillThere are days when your outfit can give you the confidence to tackle any challenge and then there are days when you wake up and every piece of clothing in your closet makes you look and feel like an amorphous blob. I’m currently having one of the later days but when these photos were taken I was feeling quite the former. Nothing like a sassy pair of coral skinnies and a feather print top to put a little swagger in your step.

What outfits have been making you feel sassy?

PS: many thanks to James from Downtown Threads, who can be seen in the last photo, for snapping these pictures

Obnoxiously Bright Pants & Glass Houses

You may have seen some chatter on my twitter feed about an interesting incident I had yesterday afternoon with a duo of ladies. The incident was both ridiculous and shocking and really got me thinking. The result is a much longer outfit post than normal, so feel free to duck out after the outfit photos/details if you’re short on time or attention span! Blouse: Talbot’s (via Goodwill), Necklace: Straw Market in Naussa, “Obnoxiously Bright” Skinnies: PacSun, Bar Ring: Downtown Threads, Heels: Michael Antonio (via Endless)Yesterday two ladies in their early 30s picked the wrong place and time to talk smack about me/my outfit. It was the wrong time in the fact that I’d had a frustrating morning at work so I was already ready to snap on edge. I was running errands in downtown Burlington and had my earbuds in but my Pandora wasn’t loading so no music was playing… aka I could hear everything.

My ears perked up when I heard a female voice directly behind me say, “like those pants are just obnoxiously bright.” I immediately got that sinking feeling in my stomach, were they talking about me? After a quick scan I realized that I was indeed the subject of their chatter; which continued along the lines of, “… if you want attention that’s fine but nobody wants the kind of attention she’s attracting wearing those pants…”

99.2% of the time I would have just kept walking too embarrassed to say anything but I was already pissed hot under the collar so instead of being self-conscious I was furious. I whipped my headphone out and spun around to face these middle age mean girls head on. I was in platforms so I was literally looking down at them. I tipped my sunglasses down and gave them my best “who the hell do you think you are” look and their faces instantly changed. They knew they’d been caught and were as shocked as I was with what came out of my mouth next.

“Ladies if I were in your tennis shoes, I would be more concerned with finding jeans that fit over my muffin top* than worrying about what young girls are wearing.”

I flashed them my best “eat it” smile, popped my headphones back in, and continued on my way (with a spring in my step) before they even had time to process what had just happened. I’m not going to lie, it felt amazing to put these ladies in their place, and the fact that I managed to pull it off so smoothly made it even sweeter.

However when I recounted the story to D, I realized that while it felt amazing to put those mean girls in their place I was essentially no better than they were. Yes, I gave them a dose of their own medicine but like their comments about my pants my verbal assault on them was nothing more than a personal attack that didn’t address their bad behavior as much as it did their physical flaws.

I think 50 Cent put it best when he said, “…You shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house , And if you got a glass jaw, you should watch your mouth…”

If this altercation taught me anything it’s that until we turn our critical eye inward and come to terms with our own flaws and faults we’ll always be looking over our shoulder wondering if the mean girls huddled in the corner are talking about us. So take it from me, unless you’re free of flaws stop and think before you point out the flaws in others. You never know who may be listening and ready to snap back.

Have you ever dealt with mean girls? How would you have handled this situation?

*I didn’t actually use the term muffin top when confronting these ladies. In the heat of the moment, and I’m not very proud of this, I used much cruder verbage (that may or may not rhyme with supa) and I apologize to anyone who was within earshot of my originally worded comment.

Spring Flamingo

Sunglasses, scarf & hand tooled vintage belt: Downtown Threads, Tank: H&M (via Clothes Exchange), Jeans: Pac Sun, Leopard Flats: Target The cold I felt creeping on yesterday is making me look and feel more like Rudolph the red nose reindeer than a bright, sunny flamingo. Here’s an outfit post from sunnier, healthier days. Bright, warm colors and lots of miso soup always does the trick. 

What bright pieces are you working into your wardrobe this week?

John Lennon’s Ginger Cousin Rides a Bike

Scarf (worn in hair): UO, Sunnies: Downtown Threads, Sweater: Gifted, Tank: Charlotte Russe, Bag: TJ Maxx, Jeans: Pac Sun, Beaded Wrap: Mom Camel Watch: Flea Market in Maine, Leather Bracelet: Goodwill, Firestone 500: Barge Canal Market, Sandals: PaylessIs it just me or do I look like a pastel wearing, ginger version of John Lennon in aviators? Not that that’s a bad thing. This weekend D and I were both crazy busy but we made sure to carve out a few hours to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather. Sunday afternoon we took our bikes out for a quick cruise around the neighborhood before enjoying  a delicious dinner on the porch.

I kept my outfit colorful, casual, and breezy. The white and yellow striped sweater was a gift from my roommate Cindy, it’s perfectly threadbare and looks amazing as a cover-up over bathing suits. As the weather warms up I instinctively start mixing more color into my looks, with accessories and pieces like these coral pants (which have turned out to be the perfect addition to spring wardrobe!) My swallow print bag was a splurge about 5 years ago at TJ Maxx and it’s still one of my favorite summer carry-alls.

What new spring pieces are you mixing into your wardrobe?