Big Girl Heels.

Knit Hat: UO, Jacket: Wilson’s Leather, Sweater: Zara, Jeans: Gap, Skull Ring: Vending Machine, Heels: ALDO

Yet another modified version of jeans and a tee, my go to outfit. Since this is such a simple look I added texture with the knit hat and leather jacket and a pop of color with my wild print ALDO heels. I was on the fence about buying these heels (the print reminded me of an early 90’s track suit a neighbor used to have) until two little girls shopping with their mom told me they liked my “big girl shoes” and just like that I was sold.

What helps you decide when you’re on the fence about a purchase?

16 responses to “Big Girl Heels.

  1. I always think “Would I regret walking out of the store without these?” I don’t let a sale price influence me (or at least try not to!). I think you made the right call – those shoes are so much fun, and you’ll be able to wear them with so much!

  2. Ha ha! Big girl shoes. 🙂 They are also tall girl shoes. They’ve got to make it down and shop around. If I can’t get it out of my mind… I have to get it.

    • I’m almost a full foot shorter than my boyfriend so I’m always buying tall girl shoes, haha! The other day we were in the grocery store and I was in flats and my boyfriend said “I forget how short you really are!”

  3. great jacket! also love that cozy looking sweater! xx

  4. Fabulous shoes!! They will jazz up any outfit!! Love your hat too!

  5. You look effortlessly chic. The shoes are fab, and we totally agree with your comment above – you can do a lot with those beauties!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. For me, I have to be able to wear something with two different kinds of looks if I’m on the fence. Just got a similar hat–can’t wait to wear it.

  7. I need that kind of a knit hat Asap Yours is so chic and i also really love your jacket. Thanks a lot for your lovely comment, i am so glad that you found my blog and now i know yours 🙂

    • Bushe, I bought this hat almost three years ago at Urban Outfitters, it’s made by Pins & Needles but I’ve found similar ones at target and Charlotte Russe for much cheaper.

  8. Love this simple look, and the way you dressed it up with those unique (and gorgeous!) heels 🙂

  9. Those heels are gorgeous and definitely a great purchase!

  10. Those shoes are killer…definitely big girl shoes!! I love how you styled them simply with jeans and a sweater!

  11. oooooo, those are some cute big girl shoes. love them

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