The Former & Later

Dollar Store Sunglasses, Crop Top: Downtown Threads, Bag: ALDO, Coral Skinnies: Pac Sun, Skull Ring: Vending Machine, Sandals: GoodwillThere are days when your outfit can give you the confidence to tackle any challenge and then there are days when you wake up and every piece of clothing in your closet makes you look and feel like an amorphous blob. I’m currently having one of the later days but when these photos were taken I was feeling quite the former. Nothing like a sassy pair of coral skinnies and a feather print top to put a little swagger in your step.

What outfits have been making you feel sassy?

PS: many thanks to James from Downtown Threads, who can be seen in the last photo, for snapping these pictures


12 responses to “The Former & Later

  1. Love the outfit, you look fabulous!


    Leopard and Lillies

    • Thank you so much Amy, I’m really starting to love these skinnies, the color makes everything you pair them with so much brighter.

  2. An amorphous blob? Girl, please. You couldn’t look like a blob even if you tried.

    • Thank Aimee, but you know those mornings when you want to light your entire wardrobe on fire and start over, that was my morning… as evidence by the mountain of clothes that were flung everywhere when I eventually left for work.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous outfit, Caitlin! One of my favourites… love the red pants and the little feathers on your top… ❤

  4. Is anything more badass than red skinnies and a black leather bag? I think not!

  5. really pretty outfit … nice pictures

  6. Love the feather print! Very sassy 🙂 And I like how in the last photo you can see the photographer in the mirror – very cool!

  7. I love your off the shoulder top…I bet it instantly makes any outfit look effortlessly chic!

  8. Oh my god, I love you in this outfit! So great.

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