I Freely Admit it. These are Crazy Pants

Dollar Store Sunglasses, Tank: H&M (via The Clothes Exchange) Cardigan: TJ Maxx, Paisley Lounge Pants: H&M, Sandals: Payless Gem Ring: Charlotte Russe, Bar Ring: Downtown ThreadsI love these pants. Yes, they’re totally outrageous but they feel like pajamas and the print is perfect. To balance out the voluminous lounge pants I kept everything simple, using lightweight fabrics and a crisp, clean color palette.

While I love the leisurewear vibe these pants have I can’t wait to dress them up. I have a pair of grey suede heels and a perfectly slouchy black tank top I can’t wait to pair with these “high fashion Hammer Pants” as D calls them. It’s the perfect outfit for drinks with the girls or a night out on the town.

What “crazy” pieces have you added to your wardrobe lately?

6 responses to “I Freely Admit it. These are Crazy Pants

  1. HAMMERTIME! I cannot wait to see those grey suede shoes with these pants. I’m in love with wild print pants this season. Now I need to get some.

    • I’m just starting to get into bold print and I’m loving them! we should meet for drinks sometime soon so I’ll have an excuse to wear these crazy pants with my suede heels!

  2. Oh my god. I LOVE these.

    HOly crap. They look so awesome on you – especially with your red hair. I can’t believe how great these are. Aren’t they so fun to wear? I have a pair of “hammer” pants i just bought recently, and I feel super unique when I put them on. They’re so easy too! Just throw on w/ a white tee and suddenly you’re runway ready.

    Are those two different rings that you put together like that?! It all looks like one! That is so so cool. You’ve got quite the eye for style.


  3. They may be ‘crazy’ pants; but you pull them off flawlessly. I LOVE this look on you. Also…your red hair? Love. It. You are gorgey! 🙂

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