Stairwell Shirtdress

Dollar Store Sunglasses, Blazer: Saver’s, Shirt Dress: Gap, Tights: The Sox Market, Socks: ?, Frye Boots (hand-me-down from Mom), Amber RingI warned you you’d be seeing this shirtdress a lot and here it is again. I added tights, scrunched knee socks, and a blazer to keep it seasonally appropriate and the hand-me-down Frye Boots from my mom added the perfect personal touch.

What pieces from your wardrobe have you remixed lately?


14 responses to “Stairwell Shirtdress

  1. love this dress, too cute!

    xx amy
    Leopard and Lillies

  2. What gorgeous boots! I love the tights/boot socks combo for fall!

  3. I’m working on remixing EVERYTHING; no shopping for a while, a ban I have self-imposed! And love the $ store sunnies, I’ve gotten a fair share of my own from those convenient little cheapies 😉

    • Naina I’m doing the same thing, the only place I’m shopping is my closet. I am so hard on my sunnies that it’s a waste to invest in them but, shockingly I might add, the sunnies I picked up at the dollar store almost a year ago are still going strong.

  4. um….everything! There is so much in my closet that I don’t even wear anymore 😦 It’s a sad sad life, and I wish my mum had awesome taste to “hand me down” great boots like that!

    • I do the same thing. I’m planning a massive post Thanksgiving closet clean out. I just have too much in my closet! I want to strip my wardrobe down to just my favorite, must have pieces so I’ll be doing a lot of remixing.

  5. I love your shirt dress, and I especially love it with those boots. They look so stylish and cozy.

  6. I like how you styled the shirt dress with the frye boots and the contrast the socks provides with the tights, you look great!

  7. I have a weakness for gingham and plaid prints. I also love maroon/plum. So, of course I love this dress! I love the large lapels, buttons and gathered waist. Super cute!

    Hey, thanks for visiting my blog, by the way! Now that I’ve found you, I’ll be sure to check yours often!

    Cheers! ❤

    – Anna

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