Brew Fest… two weeks later

Dollar Store Sunnies, Sheer Shirtdress: Kmart, Tank Dress: TJ Maxx, Ring: GILT, Bag: ALDO, Gold Sandals: Goodwill We’ve been spoiled by a series of amazing Saturdays. Last Saturday we were eating lobster and getting day drunk on Cape Cod and two Saturdays ago (when these pictures were taken) we were at the Vermont Brewer’s Festival. We attended the Saturday evening session which was quite warm. I kept cool in a sheer shirtdress with a fun print over a simple black tank dress and cheap sandals (the grassy/hilly area where the festival is held makes navigating in heels a challenge).

I had the best time people watching at brew fest. Some folks were dressed up as if attending a sailing regatta while others arrived in bathing suits, tees, and neon sunglasses. D wore his favorite Buffalo Bills shirt and all night people were coming over to us proclaiming their love for Buffalo and all things Bills. It was a hilarious and wonderful evening to say the least.

How are you spending your summer?


4 responses to “Brew Fest… two weeks later

  1. Love your bag and your shirt! 🙂

    • Thanks Aletheia, I’m starting to really like playing with orange accessories and this ALDO bag is both bold and classic.

  2. i…just…can’t..believe this. not in new England…or anywhere really besides buffalo…

    ‘all night people were coming over to us proclaiming their love for Buffalo and all things Bills’ (unless this was sarcastic, which i then do believe)

    but i do love that someone in Vermont loves them.

    speaking of, my boyfriend Tim ordered a new bills shirt online, and when i got home to see the package first, i texted him that it was there. his response: ‘MY BILLS SHIRT IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

    • Andrea I kid you not, at least a dozen people came over with high-fives and words of support like “this is the year man!” or one excited fan (who neither of us knew) came over and chest bumped D while yelling “B-I-L-L-S, Bills, Bills, Bills!” it was quite humorous. I’m thinking about trying to find D a new Buffalo shirt this year because his old one has holes in it yet it can’t be retired until the “Bills go all the way…” I’m so glad someone else out there understands what I have to deal with haha!

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