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Oxfords and Old Lady Gifts

Vintage Sunglasses: Gifted, Scarf: Florence, Italy, Blazer: Goodwill, Sweater: Gifted, Jeans: Levi’s, Oxfords: Target, Blue Ring: Charlotte Ruse, Etienne Aigner Bag: Gifted, Lipstick: Strawberry Suede (Revlon)I wore this casual weekend ensemble to the grocery store with D yesterday and was very impressed (and exceedingly proud) when he commented, “wearing the ole oxfords today babe?” Little things like that warm my heart.

On the weekends I like to keep things simple and since this look is just jeans and a tee but with more layers it fit the bill perfectly. Nothing is more comfortable than my Levi’s boyfriend jeans; they fit perfectly and can be rolled or cuffed a ton of different ways so they work with everything from booties to heels to flats. Since we’ve been having an unusually mild winter this year I was plenty warm in my cable knit sweater, navy blazer and a scarf.

My sunglasses and bag were gifted to me by guy friends which I find humorous because fashion isn’t a priority for either of them. The sunglasses were a gift from my childhood best friend. They originally belonged to his Grandmother and when she was getting ready to throw them away he put them aside for me saying, “I figured you’d like them since they look old ladyish.”

My other friend Josh, who does a lot of buying, selling and trading on ebay and craigslist, called me when he found a box of “old lady bags and hats” in a lot of items he purchased. Josh didn’t want to deal with them and said I could have the  box of “old lady accessories” for free as long as I took everything. While there were a few dozen crappy eyeglass cases to sort through, I ended up coming away with some beautiful leather bags, including a few more Etienne Aigner bags, two stunning faux fur pillbox hats and an older Gucci bag.

I’m not sure why I remind my guy friends of an old lady or if I should be offended but it’s worked out well for me so far, so why change it?

What are some of your favorite gifted  wardrobe items? How do your friends describe your personal style?

Color Mixing Superstition

Glasses: Eyefly, Blazer: UO, Dress and Tights: Target, Booties: Old Navy, Watch: Thrifted, Lipstick: Party Parrot, Iris Apfel for MAC I’ve never really bought into the superstition surrounding Friday the 13th. My first kiss was on Friday the 13th and while that relationship was short lived (as most relationships that begin on school buses are) I lay no blame on the date.

I may not buy into it but Friday the 13th seemed like the perfect excuse to give a new outfit a whirl. I know it’s hard to tell in these photos but my tights are actually a deep plum color. I liked how the jewel tone tights and almost metallic teal color of the dress complimented each other. I’m pretty hesitant when it comes to mixing colors but since these tights were such a deep purple I figured they would act as a neutral.

I bought this brocade dress almost two years ago and now it’s a bit too big so I used the skinny black belt to give it more shape. While belting it was a quick fix I think for the long run I’m either going to consign it or have it taken in. There’s no use letting ill fitting clothes take up precious closet space!

 Are you comfortable mixing colors or do you tend to wear a lot of neutrals? How often do you have clothes altered? Do you use a tailor or DIY?

Booties & Tofu

Knit Hat: Downtown Threads, Blouse: Vintage (via my Mom), Dress: Target, Belt: The Possibility Shop, Tights: TJ Maxx, Booties: Bamboo (via Amazon), Turkish “evil eye” Bracelet: Gifted (thanks Dad!)

I don’t like to play favorites when it comes to my shoes but these leopard print booties are hard to beat. When I bought them I remember my friends laughing and shaking their heads saying “ohh wow.” I was hesitant about wearing them out at first but they quickly became one of my favorite pairs of shoes. Not only are they comfortable, warm and the perfect height but they are a great conversation starter.

Styling a LBD is a lot like cooking with tofu. Tofu naturally takes on the flavors of whatever you’re cooking it with; similarly the accessories you pair with your LBD set the tone of your whole look. I wanted to keep my outfit casual and fun so I layered a blouse from my mom’s college days under my dress and added some shape to the look with my red belt. My slouchy knit hat and bold booties kept the outfit fun and helped me avoid looking too “dressy” in my very casual office.

I like that I could just remove the hat and blouse, add a cute cropped jacket (maybe something with sequins) and a bit more eyeliner and be ready for drinks or dinner after work.

How have you styled LBDs in the past? What quick tricks do you have to take an outfit from day to night?

In a Cargo Hold

Button-up: Wal-Mart, Black Cami: Target, Wood & Gold Bangle: Gifted, Cargo Pants: Levi’s, Snakeskin Heels: Target

I must admit that when skinny cargo pants started appearing I was skeptical but when I came across these Levi’s I decided it was time to give the skinny cargo trend a try. I was surprised by how comfortable and relatively streamlined they were. These were not the cargo pants of my childhood but a more flattering, figure hugging style with the appeal going far beyond their carrying capacity.

If I’m undecided about buying an item while shopping I try and see how many outfits I can mentally plan out using the new piece and my existing wardrobe. If I can’t think of at least two ways to wear the new piece with what I already have than it’s a no. So when I found myself undecided about these cargo pants I paused and found that not only would they work with what I already had but I could easily see them becoming part of my monthly and (possibly) weekly rotation. Oh and did I mention that they were only $14.98.

What new trends have you been slow to adopted? How would you style skinny cargo pants? 

New Wedges on the Waterfront

Sunnies: Chinatown, Jacket: Stowe Mercantile, Dress & Wedges: Target

Forgive my absence but D and I were enjoying a midsummer getaway. It felt great to leave my computer, tripod and camera stowed for the majority of our vacation. Even though I didn’t snap a single outfit picture while we were away that didn’t stop me from shopping.

I bought this floral dress and these mustard yellow wedges at Target while we were on vacation and couldn’t wait to wear them together. The best part… the wedges were only $6.48! I couldn’t believe how perfectly the mustard color of the heels picked up the dresses floral pattern. Mustard yellow has become one of my favorite fall colors and I can’t wait to work both of these pieces into my fall wardrobe.

What colors are you looking forward to working into your fall wardrobe?