So What if I Wore This in Kindergarten

Sunnies: Chinatown, Button Up: Walmart, Necklace: Gifted,

Tank: Old Navy, Belt: Target, Skirt: via Burlington Clothes Swap,

Earrings & Wedges: Charlotte Ruse

Almost a year ago a friend and I were shopping together when she found the cutest floral print white denim skirt that totally worked on her; naturally I was insanely jealous I hadn’t spotted it first. Flash forward a few months and imagine my delight when my friend brought said skirt to a clothes swap party! I immediately snapped it up and have been loving it ever since.

I wore this skirt when I was home last and my mom told me that it was almost an exact copy of a skirt I had when I was in kindergarten! I consider my style to be constantly changing so it was a bit of a surprise that something I loved to wear when I was 5 still appeals to me almost 20 years later.

With trends constantly being recycled and retooled it’s fun to get a second chance at styling them. Fingers crossed old school jellies (not the new hipster versions) will make a serious come back! Oh and if someone could get a hold of Lisa Frank that would be great too, note taking just isn’t the same without rainbow colored dolphins and frolicking unicorns.

What trends would you like to see come back?
What trends should remain dead?

6 responses to “So What if I Wore This in Kindergarten

  1. Oh, sh*t! Lisa Frank! That’s awesome!!

    I find that I’m attracted to some things that I wore in my youth, be it the hippy look from my teens, or things like white eyelet dresses/skirts from much earlier.

  2. Super cute! You’re welcome… 😉

  3. i love this outfit… that top is pefect!

    ❤ steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  4. I wore a lot of great dresses when I was younger. The style I like most, though, is what my parents wore when they were my age! It’s simple and classy. Your blog and style are great!


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