Weekend Wedding

Sunnies: Zinnia, Dress: Vintage (via Etsy), Wedges: Vintage (via my mom)

D and I attended a friend’s wedding in Orwell, Vermont this weekend. We quickly snapped these photos before the reception kicked off. The weather was almost as beautiful as the setting, with the wedding and reception taking place at the bride’s family’s farm.

I was excited to finally be able to wear this vintage, disco era party dress. It was light enough to keep me cool during the warm afternoon ceremony and comfortable enough to dance in all night long. The wedding celebrations continued well into the wee hours of the morning with the majority of party goers retiring to tents they’d set up in the field as the sun came up.

I was so excited to come home from the wedding and see this wonderful article about Wore Out in the Burlington Free Press. I spent an afternoon with Lynn Monty from the Free Press a few weeks ago and had a blast. Her article was the perfect way to celebrate 6 months of blogging!

What did you do this weekend?

7 responses to “Weekend Wedding

  1. That looks and sounds amazing — I love the dress and badly want to dance in a field until the sun goes down. Feeling pretty jealous, in fact. Le sigh…

    • It was a wonderful wedding! I didn’t even mind sleeping in a field during the peak of my allergies, lol! Hope you had a wonderful Labor day weekend.

  2. So cute!!!! I have the exact same dress except mine is maxi! I found it at the thrift store for hardly anything! it seriously is sooo cute.

    Congrats on the article!!!

    • Oh I’d love to see your maxi version! Sadly there was a dancing accident and red wine was spilled on me but fingers crossed the dry cleaners will be able to take care of it for me! Thanks Laura!

  3. You look amazing in that special blouse, right? I bet you have the superb feeling on it. And your shining eyes and the pretty smiles, fantastic, love every single piece.so delicate,so charming,


  4. I love the dress, it doesn’t say disco to me at all (which I consider a good thing). Very cool article in the paper, how exciting!

  5. Beautiful dress looks great against your hair

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