This Old Thing

Hat: Gifted, Sunnies: Chinatown, Dress: Target, Belt: The Possibilities Shop, Wedges: Charlotte RuseDo you have pieces in your closet that you love but hardly wear because they are impossible to style?

Believe it or not this dress used to be one of those pieces for me. I know this dress doesn’t seem like it would be hard to style, I mean it’s beige with black accents how hard could it be right? Wrong! I’ve had this dress for almost 5 years and this is the second or third time I’ve worn it. I know the rule of thumb is to throw a piece out if you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months but aren’t some rules just meant to be broken?

The biggest stumbling block when it came to styling this dress was the drawstring in the back. It cinched the dress in a rather unflattering way but if I didn’t cinch it I ended up looking like I was wearing a potato sack, (a 100% silk potato sack with tribal print, but a potato sack no less.)

When I put this dress on recently I decided to forget all about about the troublesome drawstring and added a skinny belt right over it and tucked the excess up under the belt, (now you know why there aren’t any shots of this look from the back). I rather like the outcome and looking at these photos I’m glad I bucked the rules and kept this little gem in my closet all this time.

My advice for dealing with pieces you love but hate to style, keep trying it! Eventually you’ll make it work or get so fed up that you’ll be ready to part with it. Do an image search to see how other people are styling similar pieces or reach out to one of you favorite fashion/style bloggers for advice. Sometimes all it takes is an outside opinion and a little inspiration.

What pieces in your closet are particularly hard to style? What do you do when you’re having trouble styling a piece?

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