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Wore Out’s Look of the Week

This week was hectic but I’m doing my best to keep up and enjoy the ride. I started off the week with a look from the farmer’s market, got honest about a cheap pair of shoes, hung around with a lake monster and indulged at the fair.

If you follow me on twitter then you may have already seen my tweets about Wore Out’s look of the week…

Prissy from Rush Our FashionI simply love everything about this look. From the thrifted military jacket to Prissy’s ultra feminine and totally chic topper. The colors and textures Prissy uses in her outfits just bring them to life. I’ve been searching for a military inspired jacket for so long and now that I know how chic they can be dressed up I am on a mission to find one. On the hunt for a jacket like the one Prissy’s wearing in this post? She suggests heading to your local Goodwill/thrift store and checking the men’s section.

A woman after my own heart Prissy has a seriously enviable collection of accessories, specifically shoes. The best part is you can shop Prissy’s online closet (and wouldn’t you know it she and I are the same shoe size)! So hurry up and check out her online store before I have to buy everything!

How to you decompress after a stressful week? What blogs are you following?

Simple and Shiny, like a Cherry Tree

Sunnies: Downtown Threads, Dress: Calvin Klein (via Goodwill),

Bracelets: Gifted, Thrifted & Charlotte Ruse,

Shoes: Carlos Santana (almost 10 years old) 

I’m terrible when it comes to weeding out items from my closet. I’ve carried these shoes around with me for a little more than 8 years and this is the first time I’ve actually worn them. This dress is another item that I’ve been holding onto for multiple years and this is also the first time it’s seen the outside of my closet.

I was a little worried that these shoes were too dated but I liked how the heels were almost reflective, it added a perfect pop of color to the outfit. I’m not sure what else from my wardrobe would pair well with these heels so I’m on the fence about keeping them for much longer, unlike this dress; which I’ve fallen madly in love with.

From the slight flare around the hips to the simple sash that defines the waist this dress made me feel ultra feminine and even a bit proper. Not to shabby for a $4 dress from Goodwill! I was surprised by how sexy I felt in such a conservative dress; I can’t believe I waited this long to wear it! Now that I know how great this dress make me feel I can’t wait to layer it with colored tights and a pair of killer booties this fall/winter.

Do you have clothes in your closet that you’ve never worn? How/when do you know it’s time to give them up?

Takin it Back

Blouse: Battery Street Jeans, Belt: T.J Maxx, Skirt: Downtown Threads, Pumps: Michael Antonio (via Endless), Ring: Charlotte Ruse

I’m having one hell of a Monday so I’m going to keep this short. I’m usually hesitant about wearing bright greens (they make me look like a poster child for Ireland) and I try to avoid wearing white (because I’m whiter than Moby Dick) but in this instance two wrongs apparently do make a right. My green top was only $8 at BSJ (Battery St. Jeans) a local consignment/thrift shop and I scored the white skirt off a sale rack at Downtown Threads for only $9. That’s winning in my world.

I like how this silhouette is somewhat reminiscent of the late 50’s, one of the most fashionable time periods ever (in my opinion). What I wouldn’t do to an afternoon in Doris Day’s closet in 1959… *sigh*. I hope you’re day is light years better than mine and that you had a wonderful weekend. I plan on buying myself one killer pair of heels for surviving today… that is if I make it.

If you could shop one person’s closet who’s would it be? What helps you power through shitty days?

Zebras and Champagne

Top: Charlotte Ruse (via Burlington Clothes Swap), Belt: Forever 21,

Skirt: Vintage via Downtown Threads, Rings: Gifted & H&M, Heels: ALDOI’m not sure if zebras actually enjoy champagne but pairing a shimmery zebra striped top with a vintage champagne midi skirt seemed totally natural. I was worried that I would look too… tacky Vegas when I added my black sequin belt but I think everything came together in a perfectly understated sparkly kind of way.

To balance out the glitter and shimmer I wanted a bold but simple shoe and these ALDO pumps fit the bill perfectly. The coral heels worked well with the skirt’s neutral tone but also made the top’s print pop, highlighting the whole outfit successfully. I also wear higher heels with midi length skirts because the added height helps to slim and streamline the calf and ankle area. The midi skirt and stiletto combination always makes me feel just a little bit glam and that’s never a bad thing!

What shoes would you have paired with this look? What makes you feel glamorous?

Rain is like SO the new Snow

rain is SO the new snow

Trench: Forever 21, Scarf: Royal Caribbean Gift Shop,

Sunnies: Downtown Threads, Sweater: H&M, Belt: Target,

Ring: Forever 21, Skirt: Vintage (via Downtown Threads),

Tights: The Sox Market, Heels: Michael Antonio (via Endless)

not posing pose #57 – The I’m Just Casually Lounging

What can I say? I love this skirt! The last time I wore it I had a pretty nice buzz on (see Cheers to 24 years: Fashion) and I styled it with a plain white tee, cardigan, and a gold statement necklace. This time I wanted a more polished look so I swapped the tee for a v neck sweater and patent leather waist belt.

Even though it’s April it’s still chilly (and rainy) here in Burlington so I kept warm and dry by layering a lightweight sweater under my trench and added a cozy scarf to ward off the gusting winds. Since I didn’t tuck my sweater in I used a thick belt to add definition to my waistline. It was so rainy and windy this morning, that tights were a must even though I was worried that adding them would make my outfit too dark and heavy for early spring. Knits and leather are both very winter/fall centric fabrics, especially when done in such dark colors. In an effort to counteract the dark color pallet I choose a light colored shoe. The golden hues in the heels helped to lighten everything up without throwing the rest of the outfit off. (I’m hoping that the sun will push all the way through the clouds and I’ll be able to rock bare legs on the walk home from work!)

Shoes have always been my go to piece when it comes to anchoring or completing outfits. I love the pattern detailing on these Michael Antonio heels! Not only is it a beautiful pattern but it draws your eye down, effectively lengthening your legs. Even though the heel is almost 4 inches the platform in the shoe makes them surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in.

D and I got back into Burlington late last night and promptly fell asleep. We had such an amazing time, the reception was out of control beautiful and you could see the love and happiness radiating from the bride and groom. Tonight (after unpacking) I’m going to download all the photos I took this weekend,  I can’t wait to share them with you, so stay tuned!

What did you do this weekend? What’s your “go-to” accessory when you need to complete an outfit?