Coral & Cobalt

Sunnies: Tom Ford (gifted), Tank: H&M (via Clothes Exchange), Heels: ALDO,  Slip: Vintage (via Downtown Threads), Skirt: Vintage/Thrifted, Ring: Street Vendor in Montreal

When I was debating weather or not to buy these heels I remember asking myself, “are these practical? Will I wear them enough to justify buying them?” At the time the answer to both those questions was no but the mix of coral suede and smell of new shoes was so seductive I bought them anyway.

Since then I’ve worn these heels with everything from cocktail attire to leggings and everything in between. For the height these heels are deceptively comfortable and easy to wear all day. It’s funny to think that a few years ago I saw heels as devices of torture, made to keep women off balance… until I bought a pair of heeled Steve Madden cowboy boots.

I loved the strong, sharp sounds their sturdy 2″ heel made made when I walked and how they made my legs feel longer and stronger. It wasn’t too long before my closet was filled with platforms, stilettos, wedges, kitten heels and more. It took some practice (and a handful of epic falls) before I felt truly confident in high heels but now I’m just as (if not more) confident in a pair of platforms than I am in flats.

What pair of shoes kick started your shoe collection? Are you a flats girl or do you prefer high heels?


15 responses to “Coral & Cobalt

  1. Hot! I remember some hot purple suede heels I used to sport back in the day. I wore heels until my son came along. He sat on my sciatic nerve for 5 whole months. It took a while to recoup after delivering him. He was a big baby, almost 9 pounds. He is 17 years old and 6 ft. 3. today. I still have lower back pain, but not sciatica … he changed my body forever. It’s still hard for me to wear heels.

  2. Yeah, I would have thrown practicality to the wind for those babies, too. As for heels v flats, here’s my rule: I have to be able to walk as much as the day requires, comfortably. So when I’m going to a fair, flats; a garden party, wedges; a cocktail party that involves standing all evening at those tiny tall tables, low heels; a dinner party where I mostly just have to look fabulous, the highest of heels I got. I’m sure there’s a hidden mathematical construct there, but I can’t be sure…

  3. love the bright color mix! goes great with your hair (from one ginger to another). also i am a flats girl, never got the hang of actually walking in heels, plus they are pure torture.. but i am a shoe lover none the less.. always have way too many for my storage space 🙂

    • Thank Hannah! I have shoes/clothes tucked away into every available space in my apartment… the crawl space, linen closet, hallway, under the futon… it’s starting to become a problem (for my boyfriend, not me)!

  4. I absolutely love the skirt! caught my eye immediately of course! also love the fact that it’s vintage! the slip underneath is a pretty flirty touch too! 🙂

    ❤ Vega

  5. Fantastic heels! I love when impulse purchases work out to be so versatile in your closet! Coral and cobalt is def a color combo I’m gonna have to try!

  6. Great outfit. You have a really fun and colorful style!


  7. The color of that skirt is fabulous. Love how you styled it with the neutral top and those amazing heels…great color!
    btw…the clock ring I had on today is from H&M

  8. You look amazing!!! Very “chic” and stylish!!!
    The mix of colours pink + blue is so cool!!


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  10. I definitely prefer heels, but they can be murder sometimes. I love this outfit, it’s super classy!

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