My Golden Booties

Earrings: Charlotte Ruse, Sweater: Loft (via Clothes Exchange),

Romper: Target, Booties: Jeffery Campbell (via Footnotes)

Ok so they’re not gold but they are pretty awesome. I love these Jeffrey Campbell booties  and after months of  taking them out of the box to just look at them, I promised myself that I would wear them more. I usually pair them with dark wash boot cut jeans or leggings in the fall but I decided it was time to style them for summer.

If you’ve been following Wore Out for a bit then you may recognize this sweater and romper. I’ve remixed them a few times (here, here & here) but I actually wear them both a lot more than is represented on the blog. This was the first romper I bought and its become a go to piece for me this summer. It’s great dressed up with a black linen blazer, bold clutch and pumps. Need a quick coverup for the beach? A lightweight romper is the perfect paired with a floppy sunhat or fedora with wedges or cute summer sandals. 

However if you plan on layering so much as a cardigan over your romper be advised. Removing said romper and over layers is tricky enough when you’re in the comfort of your own home but nearly impossible when you really have to pee and are forced to stand in line behind a whole summer camp at the one and only restroom, that is for some unknown reason always wet… just sayin!

How have you been styling your romper(s) this summer? What items in your closet are you’re trying to wear more often?

3 responses to “My Golden Booties

  1. I love those booties and they look fabulous with this outfit. Rompers are great and easy and all, but like you said they’re a pain to wear out all day if you have to use the W/C. By the way, your red hair is gorgeous in these photos.

  2. Caitlin! Thank you so much for your beautiful comment! I absolutely love this outfit your wearing! I love the deep blue romper with the soft cream sweater! Chic!! annnnd the boots are fab!!! xoxo

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