Style Snaps at the Sailing Center

Michelle (@mgsearer) with the Sailing Center (@sailingcenter) and Alicia (@aliciademartini) of PMG (@PR_PMG), chic in black and white

Style and social media converged last Friday at the Lake Champlain Sailing Center for a breakfast tweet-up to celebrate Burlington Social Media Day. The weather couldn’t have been any more beautiful and it was the perfect way to start the day, I felt energized and inspired when I got to work.

Ellie (@elliebvt) and Cat (@catbtv) of Wherebear (@thewherebear) looking relaxed and stylish in stripes

Liz (@lizmuroski) with PMG (@PR_PMG) and Joe (@joemescher) of Dealer Dot Com (@DealerDotCom)

Michelle shows off tickets to the Sailing Center’s annual Fourth of July celebration, Rock the Dock

Nicole (@PMGNicole) fresh off a plane from Paris looking impossibly fresh in metallic sandals 

Tom (@tomkups) showing a little sock on the dock

Burlington Social Media Day was a blast, it’s always fun when you are able to take conversations and friendships out of the digital space and into the real world. Burlington is a hotbed for social media involvement and I was impressed by the level of early morning creativity and enthusiasm.

How “plugged in” is your community? Have you participated in tweet-ups or other social media events before? 


4 responses to “Style Snaps at the Sailing Center

  1. Looks so fun! I haven’t been to any of these in a while but my work schedule isn’t always great for social events…

    • I totally understand J, that’s why the early morning tweet-ups work so well for me. I can grab a cup of coffee, network and then buzz to the office.

  2. Wishing I could have made it to this event! You took some great shots, looks like it was a good time!

    • You were missed Nicole, we should organize another (preferable sunny day) lunch date. Maybe sit outside somewhere?!

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