Velvet Bats

Sunglasses, Cardi, Skull Ring & Coral Necklace: Downtown Threads,  Dress (worn as top): TJ Maxx, Pencil Skirt: Forever 21, Tights: Gifted, Boots: Old NavyHow beautiful are these last fall leaves? I can’t believe it’s Thanksgiving already, time seems to be flying by faster and faster each day. Before I know it there will be snow on the ground and I’ll be bundled up like an Eskimo!

The last time I wore these boots (here) a friend of mine commented “nice bats”. I was perplexed until he explained that combat boots are commonly referred too as “bats”; am I the only one who didn’t know this? Anyway… this is the second time I styled my velvet bats and again I choose to go with an predominately black ensemble.

Maybe it’s becuase I’m still testing the waters on how to best style my bats that I find myself gravitating toward all black looks but I think in this case it works. I like the streamlined, monochromatic feel and the textured tights and coral statement necklace kept things from getting boring. I used to think that textured and colored tights were best saved for playing dress up but I’ve started to get more comfortable wearing and styling them. When D left for work this morning he said “see ya later fishnet lady!” I guess he liked the tights too.

How do you break up monochromatic looks? What crazy tights do you have in your collection?

10 responses to “Velvet Bats

  1. Your necklace is amazing! I always breaks up monochromatic with a big chunky necklace too. Usually turquoise. : )

    • Thanks Stephanie! I love chunky turquoise pieces, I spent a lot of time in the southwest and wish I’d had the foresight to buy more pieces while I was there!

  2. I have recently become obsessed with buying tights from We Love Colors, and so I have a collection of colored tights… several shades of blue, a bright magenta, orange… and I have a few pairs of colored fishnets (beige and dark red). I like to layer them for a fun look.

    • Ooh, I’ve heard so many great things about We Love Colors, how is the quality? I could get a run in my tights just by sneezing, I’m so bad about things like that. I’ve been hunting for a pair of wine colored tights for a long time, so this maybe the perfect answer.

  3. What cool trivia! I had no idea that combat boots were called bats! Love this dress and necklace!

  4. I had no idea about the boots either!! To be honest, I thought you titled the post because of the sweater (it kind of looked like wings? I don’t know. Now I feel dumb.) But you do look super cute, and I LOVE that necklace!

  5. I like all black ensembles too, not many bloggers are bold enough wear them. It’s not easy to look fabulous in an all black outfit, but I must say you did it. You look sexy and sleek, a little edgy, a little playful with a nice pop of color on the funky necklace.


    • Mongs you’re making me blush. Thank you so much for the kind words. I usually opt for outfits with more color but I like the bold yet simple statement that an all black outfit makes.

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